Machine Tool Showroom

OptiPro Systems state-of-the-art 15,200 square-foot Machine Technology Center is stocked with the latest machine tools and manufacturing technology. Whether you are looking for high performance machining centers, turning centers, multi-tasking machines, wire EDM’s, or waterjet technology, stop by our showroom for a demonstration to see how you can enhance your manufacturing capabilities.

OptiPro Machine Tool Showroom

Nakamura Tome Multi-Tasking Machines

Fanuc RoboDrill Vertical Machining Centers

Fanuc RoboCut Wire EDM

Currently in our showroom:

  • Nakamura-Tome

    Nakamura-Tome AS200LMYS – Subspindle machine, a high-performance multitasking turning center

    • Space Saving Combined Machine Tool with Y-axis & Milling Function (standard)
    • With Y-axis! Stroke: 82mm
    • With Milling Function: 7.5/5 HP, Spindle Speed: 6000rpm
    • Strong Spindle Motor: 20/15 HP
    • High Speed Index! X-axis: 24m/min, Z-axis: 36m/min, C-axis: 600min-1
    • Turret: Max Dodecagonal Drum Turret (Max. 24 station)
    • Number of Milling Tool (dodecagonal drum turret): 12
  • Fanuc

    Fanuc RoboDrill D21MiB5 – ADV Series Medium Bed – High-performance machining center, known worldwide as the most reliable machine manufactured today

    • Compact Design
    • Big Plus Spindle
    • Up to 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining
    • FANUC 31i-B5 Nano CNC System
    • Robust Column Design
    • Ai Contour Control I
    • Thermal Growth Compensation
    • High Speed Reverse Tapping
    • Servo Driven 21 Position, Bi-Directional Tool Changer
    • Thread Milling

    Fanuc RoboDrill D14MiB5 – ADV Series Medium Bed – High-performance machining center, known worldwide as the most reliable machine manufactured today

    • Compact Design
    • Big Plus Spindle
    • Up to 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining
    • FANUC 31i-B5 Nano CNC System
    • Ultra Precise 32,000,000 Pulse/Rev Encoders
    • Ai Contour Control I
    • Thermal Growth Compensation
    • 1.3 sec Chip to Chip
    • 1.5G Accel/Decel
    • Helical Interpolation Program Storage
    • Rigid Tapping 5,000/8,000 RPM
    • Thread Milling
    • High Speed Reverse Tapping

    Fanuc C600iB RoboCut Wire EDM – World renowned for high precision and reliability

    • Discharge Control AiP2
    • Anti-recast Power Supply
    • 3D Coordinate System Rotation
    • Thermal Monitoring and Compensation
    • “Core Stitch” Slug Retention
    • Capable of Operating Single and Dual Axis Rotary Table
    • Auto Wire Feeding AWF2 Measurement Function
    • FANUC 31i-WB Controller with New iHMI User Interface
    • Wire Size: .004″ to .012″
    • Inverter Controlled Chiller
  • Yasda

    YMC-650 Micro Center – High-end machine for for ultra-precision and high surface quality machining

    • X/Y/Z axis controlled by high-speed linear motors
    • Symmetrical H-shaped column
    • Spindle head symmetrical longitudinally and horizontally
    • Raised bed sides for increased rigidity
    • Low centroid X/Y table
    • Ultra precision linear guides
    • High precision positioning
    • Large capacity HSK-E32 spindle taper
    • Superior part surface finishes
    • Positioning accuracy +/- 1μm
    • Thermal distortion stabilizing system for sustaining high-precision machining
    • High-speed positioning
    • Large cutting tool capacity
  • Hyundai Wia

    Hyundai Wia L2100SY Multi-Axis Turning Center – Designed to multitask and maximize productivity, shows high rigidity and precision

    • Cycle time reducing structure for maximum productivity
    • Multi-tasking operation with wedge type Y-axis BMT65P turret
    • Integrated processing through synchronized control of Main/Sub spindle
    • High performance heavy duty cutting enabled with box guideways
    • Improved maintenance through locating lubrication mechanisms on the front of machine

    Hyundai Wia KF5600 High Speed Machining Center – Designed with advanced technology, fast & versatile machining center that maximizes productivity

    • Diverse spindle structure (direct-connection: 8K, 12K; built-in: 15K, 20K)
    • Increases strength through structural analysis
    • Expands machining domain with y-axis 560mm design
    • Shortens not-cutting time with rapid feeds (40/40/36m/min.)
    • Mould packages for optimum mould manufacturing (20K built-in)
    • Applied the latest HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 controller
  • Flow

    Flow Mach 500 Waterjet – Unmatched in accuracy, quickness and speed, making it your most productive solution.

    • Rapid Traverse Maximum: 700 ipm [17.8 m/min]
    • Linear Straightness Accuracy: ±0.0015 in/3 ft
      [±0.038 mm/m]
    • Repeatability: 0.001 in [0.03 mm]
    • Multiple cutting head options to choose from
    • Industry leading pump technology
    • Intelligent software built-in
    • World class Flow service

    ZEISS O-INSPECT 543 – Multisensor measuring machine with DotScan and Rotary

    • Telecentric zoomlens Discovery
    • Adaptive illumination system
    • Scanning sensor ZEISS VAST XXT
    • Probing rack
    • Calibration sphere

    ZEISS O-SELECT – Digital measuring projector for reliable optical measurements

    • Double Ring Light
    • Compact design
    • Low distortion, telecentric ZEISS optics
    • High resolution camera


  • Starrett

    Starrett AVR200 – Vertical Vision System with Renishaw touch probe

    • X-Y-Z Travel (in): 8″ x 4″ x 8″
    • Z Axis Measuring: Standard
    • X-Y Accuracy (µm): E2 = 1.9 µm + 5L/1000
    • Z Accuracy (µm): E1 = 2.5 µm + 5L/1000
    • Control System / Software: Metlogix M3
    • Display: 21″ Touchscreen PC
    • Video Edge Detection

    Starrett HDV400 – Horizontal Vision System, combing the capabilities of both a horizontal optical comparator and a vision metrology system

    • X-Y-Z Travel (in): 16″ x 6″
    • X-Y Accuracy (µm): E1 = 3.0 µm + L/33
    • Scale Resolution: 0.5 µm
    • Control System / Software: M3
    • Display: 24″ Touchscreen Monitor
    • Video Edge Detection



    Starrett FMM-550 – Digital Force Tester optimized for production and quality control testing

    •  Vertical Test Space: 22in
    •  Travel – Position Accuracy: +/-0.001” or 0.1% of displacement whichever is greater
    •  Travel – Resolution: .001in
    •  Speed – Minimum: .002in/min
    •  Speed – Maximum: 40in/min
    •  Speed – Maximum @ Full Capacity: 40in/min
    •  Speed – Accuarcy: Better than 0.1% of test speed
    •  Cycling – Maximum Number: Counts 99,999
    •  Cycling – Maximum Duration: 27 hours
    •  Load Hold – Maximum Duration: 27 hours