Revel™ Robotic Beveling Machine

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    Revel™ Overview

    Supplement your workforce with the Revel™ robotic beveler and free technicians from performing the tedious task of beveling optics. With the Revel™, you can fully automate your optics beveling process, from pick to place. A blow-off station helps remove coolant from the tool and part after edge beveling, and a flipping station allows you to bevel both edges of the optic during one cycle without any interruptions. Once programmed, you can bevel optics to predetermined angles with part-to-part consistency. In addition, Revel™ can perform lights out manufacturing, keeping productivity at a high level even after hours.

    Advantageous features on the Revel™ help optical manufacturers achieve optimal beveling results:

    Flexible robotic motion: Fanuc collaborative robot with 6 axis articulating arm

    Multiple beveling methods: Two end effectors included for plunge and traditional beveling, which use vacuum to hold the parts (optional spindle end effector – this adds a spindle to the end of the robot arm, opening the possibility of using a cone or flat tool for round parts)

    Complete beveling from pick to place: Flipping station where the robot can place the part to be flipped, which allows for edges of both sides to be beveled in one uninterrupted cycle

    Safe operation: Safety guard system which consists of an enclosure with interlocked door(s) that allow operator/setup access to the inside of the guarded area. Safety guard system also prevents operator harm or tampering.

    Accuracy and rigidity: Motorized spindle that can be equipped with a tool using a hydraulic expansion chuck. Coolant system with 11 gallon tank provides coolant to the beveling area. Coolant filtering with bag filter for reuse of coolant.

    Fast job setups: Custom software for easy operator setup of a variety of beveling applications

    Revel-utionize your beveling process with the Revel™ robotic beveler and increase optics production and your bottom line.

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