CNC Aspheric/Freeform Optics Polishing Machines

Improve your precision, capability and predictability along with your bottom line with OptiPro’s line of CNC aspheric/freeform optics polishing machines. In the high-tech world of deterministic finishing, you can lower your operational costs, reduce waste, and take on difficult jobs all with one platform. And with UltraForm® Finishing (UFF™), there’s no need to pre-polish. When utilized in conjunction with UltraSmooth Finishing (USF), you can achieve an even higher level of precision. Finish your planos, spheres, aspheres and freeform optical surfaces in a fraction of the time. UFF and USF can handle a wide range of materials including optical glasses, optical ceramics, and stainless steel injection mold inserts. Complex workpieces such as windows, domes, and mirrors? No problem. Just ask any member of the OptiPro community of trailblazers. We have the right finishing solution for you.