PRO-Tect Customer Care Plan

The PRO-Tect Customer Care Plan is OptiPro’s yearly service and support contract to help our customers protect their OptiPro equipment and maximize performance. With the PRO-Tect program, you can enhance the lifespan of your machine while having peace-of-mind knowing that OptiPro’s Advanced Process Development (APD) department is just a phone call or email away for support. Take advantage of exclusive benefits that will help maximize your machine’s return on investment:

  • Yearly Preventative Maintenance Visits
  • Technician and Application Support
  • Software Updates and Enhancements (controller compatibility dependent)
  • Discounted Pricing on Tooling and Consumables
  • Software for Designing High Speed Polishing Tool Packages/Centering Bells
  • Special Training Rates for OptiPro U or Onsite Instruction


The Advantages of PRO-Tect:

Yearly Preventative Maintenance Visits

Machine downtime is a costly inconvenience. Preventative maintenance helps keep your equipment running like new, ensuring you get the most out of your machine. With the PRO-Tect program, you’ll receive a yearly preventative maintenance visit from one of OptiPro’s highly-skilled service engineers. A thorough 27-point inspection is performed on all crucial aspects of your machine to address any potential risks.

Technician and Application Support

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned machine operator, the business of CNC optical manufacturing can present challenges or uncertainties. With the PRO-Tect program, OptiPro’s Advanced Process Development (APD) department is available for support Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST. And because our APD team is comprised of industry professionals with decades of experience in all aspects of optical fabrication, the advice you receive won’t be just any solution, it will be the ideal solution to help your company prosper.

Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

The intelligence behind OptiPro’s optical fabrication equipment is the easy-to-use and powerful software that comes standard with every CNC machine purchase. OptiPro’s team continuously makes software improvements based on input from our customers. These updates and enhancements allow you to stay at the forefront of technology, and stay ahead of the competition. The PRO-Tect Customer Care Plan includes access to the latest software releases at no additional charge (controller compatibility dependent).

Discounted Pricing on Tooling and Consumables

No matter what type of optical manufacturing equipment your company operates, the need to purchase tooling and consumables is a certainty. The PRO-Tect program comes with the benefit of 10% discount on tooling, consumables, and service parts.

Software for Designing High Speed Polishing Tool Packages/Centering Bells

As part of a constant effort to bring unprecedented service to our customers, OptiPro has developed Toolbox, intelligent software that streamlines tooling package designs for high speed spherical polishing and optical centering. With the Toolbox tooling design software, you can quickly produce custom centering bells or tooling packages for high speed polishing based on the lens definition entered, saving countless engineering hours. Gain access to this powerful tool by enrolling in the PRO-Tect program.

Special Training Rates for OptiPro U or Onsite Instruction

Looking to further enhance your skills with operating OptiPro equipment? Do you have an employee who is just getting acclimated to the world of precision optics fabrication? Every OptiPro machine purchase comes with two days of onsite training, but being a PRO-Tect customer after your warranty expires gives you the benefit of receiving additional training at a fraction of the original cost. In addition, take advantage of reduced rates on OptiPro U, our industry-renowned one week course on CNC advanced optical manufacturing.

Enhance the Lifespan of Your Machine

Like any significant purchase, service and preventative maintenance are crucial. The longer your machine’s lifespan, the greater potential return on investment your company will receive. OptiPro machines are built to last with the highest quality components, but you can further increase your machine’s life with OptiPro’s PRO-Tect Customer Care Plan.

“With OptiPro’s service and support staff just a phone call away, experiences such as machine down time are almost always resolved within the hour. Whether it is tooling, programming, maintenance, or parts, their customer service delivers. OptiPro’s PRO-Tect program is well worth the investment…you won’t regret it. They are the Pros.”

– Bill Sicard, Facilities Manager, Novotech, Inc