Nakamura-Tome LC-50 Fully Automatic Centering Machine: 2-55 MM Optics

  • Overview

    Nakamura-Tome LC-50 Overview

    The Nakamura-Tome LC-50 fully automatic NC lens centering machine is capable of centering spheres and aspheres from 2-55mm in diameter. A wide range of processing operations can be performed on the LC-50, including “D-Cut” and centering simultaneously, “I-Cut”, four-sided processing, angled surface processing, and more. In addition, flatter lenses with a poor clamping angle can also be centered on the LC-50.

    Ideal for high volume commercial lenses, the LC-50 is designed to help optics companies maximize centering productivity:

    • Automated loading and unloading with built-in robotic system
    • Small space requirement – robot & stocker are combined
    • Twice the productivity with twin manufacturing axes
    • Fast setups with user friendly NC control
    • Efficient cycle times with grinding wheel driven by high performance NC control

    The Nakamura-Tome LC-50 centering machine is perfect for companies looking to integrate fully automatic lens centering capability onto their manufacturing floor.

  • Specs

    Nakamura-Tome LC-50 Technical Specifications

    NC Lens Centering Machine Specs* LC-50
    Optimal Diameter Range 2-55 mm (0.08"-2.1")
    Maximum Workpiece Height 10 mm (0.4")
    NC Control
    Axis 6 Axis
    Min Unit 0.0001 mm
    Centering Wheel
    Diameter 160mm (6.3")
    Loader Movement X: 600 mm (23.6"), Y: 600 mm (23.6")
    Min Unit 0.01 mm
    Z Drive / Carrier System Air cylinder / Vacuum contact
    Supply 11kVA
    Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
    Machine Dimensions
    Height 1,650 mm (64.9")
    Floorspace 1,380 mm (54.3") x 890 mm (35")
    Weight 800 kg (1,763.7 lbs.)

    * Specifications subject to change. Contact OptiPro for the latest specifications.

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