OptiPro History

In the early 1980’s, the rapid advancement of computer technology created significant changes in the manufacturing world, which led to reinventing the entire industry. It was clear that the technological growth would be fast and furious and would require extensive technical service and support. This evolution was the motivation in 1982 behind OptiPro Systemsā€™ newly developed business concept: to create a technical solutions company consisting of skilled engineers, technicians, and machinists supplying the industry with the best possible manufacturing methods available. This included Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, CAD/CAM software, training, service, and support. Today, OptiPro continues to offer best-in-class machine tools and software for the metalworking industry in NY state, while developing innovative manufacturing solutions for optical fabrication companies across the world.

Technology Timeline


OptiPro introduces Ultramill 1000 and 5000 Vertical Machining Centers, the first CNC machines built by OptiPro


In collaboration with the U of R & APOMA, OptiPro develops Opticam SX, the first cost-effective CNC optical generator.


OptiPro introduces the SX 50, SX 100, & DSX 125 CNC optical grinding machines.


OptiPro introduces their first high speed spherical polisher, the PX 150.


OptiPro introduces ā€œeā€ Series optical grinding machines at the first-ever Optifab trade show.


OptiPro introduces the ePX 200 high speed spherical polisher.


OptiPro commercializes its patented process, UltraForm Finishing, ideal for aspheric and freeform polishing.


In collaboration with ZEISS, OptiPro introduces the OptiTrace 5000 contact profilometer.


OptiPro introduces the PRO Series machine line for high volume production of optics up to 80mm.


OptiPro commercializes the UltraSurf non-contact metrology system.


OptiPro introduces their first optical centering machine, the PRO 160C.


OptiPro revolutionizes ultrasonic machining with the introduction of the OptiSonic Series.


OptiPro introduces the PRO 160 Series machine line for high volume production of optics up to 160mm.

Historical Moments that Fueled the Innovation


OptiPro offers sales, service, and support for Mastercam CAD/CAM software and CNC machine tools


OptiPro enters the optics arena by developing a CNC retrofit of an existing Rogers and Clarke G-300 lens generator


OptiPro is awarded their first Phase I SBIR grant


OptiPro moves to its current facility at 6368 Dean Parkway in Ontario, NY


OptiPro is awarded their first Phase II SBIR grant


OptiPro is awarded their first Phase II.5 SBIR grant

The Optical Society of America awards OptiPro the Paul F. Forman Engineering Excellence Award for producing the first affordable CNC machines designed for the optics industry


OptiPro expands their facility to 20,000 square feet to accommodate the company’s rapid growth


OptiPro adds second building expansion in three years, bringing the building size to 30,000 square feet


OptiPro named exclusive distributor for Methods Machine Tools in Upstate NY

OptiPro acquires Glassmaster Fabrications


OptiPro receives the Tibbetts Award for achievements in innovation and job creation as a participant in the SBIR program