OptiTrace 5000 Surface Profilometer: Surface Roughness And Contour Measurement

  • Overview

    OptiTrace 5000 Overview

    High precision contact surface profilometer and a unique solution for the measurement of spheres, aspheres, and cylinder precision optics. OptiTrace 5000 is the integration of OptiPro’s powerful analysis software, ergonomic environmental enclosure and the Y-Theta air bearing unit with the ZEISS Surfcom 5000 profilometer for 2D and 3D measurement.

    Multiple advanced features help companies achieve fast and precise contour measurement and surface roughness analysis:

    • Large measuring range: up to 200 mm of X-axis travel and 32 mm vertical sag deviation
    • Ergonomic environmental enclosure reduces the influence of fluctuating shop conditions
    • Dual beam laser feedback and jeweled diamond stylus pivot maximize repeatability
    • Multiple stylus configurations available: 2 micron or 5 micron diamond, 1 mm or 2 mm ruby ball
    • Y-theta air bearing option allows for 3D surface topography generation and acylinder measurement

    The features above in conjunction with OptiPro’s powerful analysis software, OptiTrace, make the OptiTrace 5000 the ideal surface profilometer for cylinders, aspheres, spheres, and plano precision optics.

  • Specs

    OptiTrace 5000 Technical Specifications

    Surfcom 5000 Technical Specifications*

    High precision aspheric contour measurement and surface roughness analysis

    • Large measuring range – up to 32 mm vertical, 200 mm x-axis
    • User-friendly and simplified software interface for automated measurement and analysis
    • Comprehensive, aspheric analysis software with custom form and filter data entry
    • Aspheric toolbox for form analysis with slope error, optimized base radius, and sag table tools
    Surface Profilometer Specs* OptiTrace 5000
    Horizontal axis (X-Axis)
    Traversing length; Measuring range 200 mm
    Straightness accuracy 0.05 + 3L/µm
    Resolution 0.54 nm
    Indicated X accuracy +/- (0.2 µm+L/1000 mm)
    Tracing speed Variable from 0.03 mm/s to 60 mm/s
    Detection principle Scale
    Column axis (C-Axis)
    Traversing height 500 mm
    Drive speed Variable to 200 mm/s
    Detection principle Scale
    Detection principle Dual beam laser interferometer
    Resolution 0.31 nm
    Measuring range 13 mm, 26 mm, and 32 mm
    Indicated Z accuracy + (0.2 + I H I /1000) µm
    Measuring force 0.75 mN
    Radius of stylus 2 µm diamond, 0.5 mm, 1.0 ruby
    Material of stylus Diamond (option: ruby ball)
    Tracing arm lift off Automatic system
    Power supply 110, 120 Vac (50-60 Hz)
    Power consumption Approx. 350 VA
    Dimensions 2100 mm width, 1500 mm height, 1000 mm depth
    Dimensions of base 600 mm width, 320 mm depth
    Weight Approx. 350 kg
    Standard accessories Calibration device, gauge block, tools, diamond & ruby tip styli
    Temperature 10-30°C
    Accuracy guaranteed 20 ± 2°C (without direct air movement)
    0.5°C / 1 hour (maximum rate of change)
    0.1°C / operation time
    Humidity 40-80% (without moisture)

    *Specifications subject to change. For the latest specifications of the Surfcom 5000, please contact Carl Zeiss IMT Corporation or go to www.zeiss.com/imt.

    Y-Theta Table Technical Specifications (Optional)

    Theta (Rotary Axis) Y-Axis
    6" diameter air bearing Box way linear air bearing, hard-coated aluminum, 200 mm travel
    Material: 400C hardened stainless steel Straightness: 0.125/25 mm
    Radial/Axial accuracy: 0.125 µm Air consumption: 1.0 scfm @ 60 psi
    Angular wobble: 0.025 µm/25 mm Direct drive DC servo motor package, brushless linear motor
    Axial load capacity: 35 lbs. Scale resolution of 50 nm and a graduation accuracy of 1.5 µm
    Air consumption: 1.0 scfm @ 60 psi Laser calibration of linear axis < 1.0 µm & straightness of < 1.5 µm/200mm
    Tilt and center fine adjustment table, 4 knobs each
    Direct drive DC servo motor package
    Graduation accuracy: ± 2.75 arc sec
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