Automation Solutions

For manufacturers looking to streamline operations and increase production through “lights out manufacturing”, our automation engineers are ready to collaborate with you to bring production to new heights.

Applications include, but are not limited to…

  • Machine Tending
  • Material Delivery
  • Pallet Design
  • Automated Gauging with Renishaw

For specific applications, automation solutions from OptiPro utilize collaborative robots (cobots) that offer many benefits:

  • Safer and require less guarding than conventional automation
  • Easy to program and quick to set up
  • Highly reliable

Authorized Systems Integrator

As an Authorized Systems Integrator, we offer custom robot automation set-ups in addition to pre-engineered automation solutions partnered with Methods and Fanuc Robodrills.

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Pre-Engineered Automation Solutions

As a distributor for Methods Machine Tool, we also offer pre-engineered solutions partnered with Fanuc Robodrills. Current configurations include, Fanuc Plus K, Fanuc Plus K-60 & Fanuc Plus E.

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