Flow Waterjets

Utilizing the world’s most abundant resource, Flow Waterjet is a global leader in the development of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology. As part of the SHAPE Technologies Group Company, which has been revolutionizing the marketplace for over 60 years, Flow is available across the globe and works with a variety of industries. From food & agricultural services to aerospace solutions, customers will attest to how Flow has increased production levels and maintained precision in manufacturing.

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Each machine below is also linked to its respective product brochure.

Mach 100

Versatile waterjet with programmable
Z-axis for flexibility

Mach 200

Reliable performance every time.

Mach 300

Small footprint to fit on any shop floor.

Mach 500

The Industry’s most robust waterjet solution.

Mach 700

The waterjet built for demanding environments; also available with a dual bridge.


Completely enclosed small format waterjet.