Mastercam Training

OptiPro Systems is proud to be a certified reseller and training facility for Mastercam, the world’s most popular CAD/CAM software. In addition to offering Mastercam to companies of all sizes with the implementation of NC programming and optimization, we will train you at our state-of-the-art training facility Ontario N.Y. If you can’t get out of the office, OptiPro’s team of specialists will come out to train at your facility!

Mastercam Classes

OptiPro offers a wide range of training classes to accommodate students with all different types of skill levels, including:

Beginner Mill

Teaches the basic concepts of the Mastercam interface and progresses to geometry definition and 2D Toolpath generation. Topics covered include tool and material libraries, 2 1/2 axis (Mill Level 1) machining functions including contouring, pocketing, drilling, c-hooks, customization, and verification.

Advanced Mill

Designed from the experienced Mastercam user, Advanced Mill increases the student’s knowledge of surface creation, wireframe, spline and surface manipulation to obtain better toolpaths, better surface finishes, and quality surface models. All aspects of 3D surface machining are covered. This includes 3D roughing routines, parallel, radial, plunge, pocket, restmill, project, contour, and flowline. All aspects of 3D surface finishing are covered including flowline, leftover, contour, high speed, pencil trace, slope analysis, scallop, and blended. The HST toolaths will all be introduced.

Multi-Axis Milling

Introduces the concepts and principles of Multi-Axis machining. Topics covered include identifying common multi-axis machine tool configurations, understanding the difference between multi-axis positioning and simultaneous toolpaths, understanding different types of multi-axis toolpaths, capabilities and advantages, and machine

Lathe Beginner

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows®, CNC machining experience on a Lathe needed. Items covered include roughing, finishing, facing, grooving, threading, drilling, configuration, tool and material libraries, and parting.

Lathe Advanced

Intended for Mastercam Lathe users who have completed the lathe beginner course. In this course, we will expand less on turning operations and instead take a deeper look into stock transfer and live tooling applications touched on in the lathe beginner class. Best suited for those who work on multi-tasking machines and are not using the mill-turn product.

Mill/Turn (M/T)

Intended for Mastercam users who have completed Mastercam Beginner Mill and Lathe. All aspects of live tooling, Y-axis milling, C-axis milling, B-axis milling, upper and lower turret programming, sub-spindle programming, stock transfer, and 4-axis turning are covered.

Wire EDM

Intended for Mastercam Wire users who have completed Introduction to Mastercam. Items covered include 2 axis, 4 axis, wire libraries, taper cutting, chaining options, and all other wire EDM specific functions.