OKK Heavy Duty Machines

Founded in 1915, OKK has earned its reputation as a worldwide industry-leader through 100% quality control by producing all key machining components in-house–meaning OKK machine tools feature all original OKK parts, including spindles, mechanical gears, and their precision square slide guide ways, as well as special controller features.

OKK’s MONOZUKURI philosophy is based on customer-oriented principles:

  • “Stick to the basics of machine tools”
  • “Stay a step ahead of customer needs and expectations, and integrate them into product development”
  • “Be responsible for stable quality and supply”

OKK is proactively working on new higher-level technologies to develop eco-friendly machine tools and empower customers worldwide with OKK’s quality. The heavy-duty cutting and high rigidity of OKK’s machine tools also create higher efficiency and increased accuracy to meet the precise needs of manufacturers in a wide variety of demanding industries.



Horizontal Machining Centers

MCH R Series

The MCH R Series are Designed for Ultra Heavy Duty Cutting with Large Box Ways and High Torque Spindles for Titanium and other Exotic Materials.

HMC Series

The HMC Series is OKK’s fastest series to date Reaching 1G in acceleration without sacrificing Rigidity with the largest Cross Linear Roller Guides in class and Big Plus 40 Taper Spindles

HM Series

The HM Series come in a Large Range of Sizes with Big Plus 50 Taper and Feature Large Cross Roller Guides.

Vertical Machining Centers

VP Series

The VP Series is OKK’s fastest series using a Bridge Style Structure increasing rigidity combined with the largest Cross Linear Roller Guides in class, Big Plus 40 Taper Spindles and the option to add a direct drive Pallet Changer making it the most versatile machining centers in class.

VB Series

The VB Series comes in one Size intended for Mold Work. A 20K Big Plus 40 Taper spindle, Fine Pitch Core Chilled Double Anchor Ball Screws, and Glass Scales as a standard Features with 20% Larger Linear Cross Roller than class competitors.  At this price the VB53 will not disappoint.

KCV Series

The KCV Series is designed for long Aerospace/Oilfield parts but the 5 Axis models have been adopted by many in the Automotive industry for some of the truck/Semi Axle parts.

Five Axis Machining

HMX Series

The HMX Series: A High Power 50 Taper with Dual Anchored Core Chilled Ball Screws and Linear Cross Roller Guides Built for and Proven in Titanium, a material that demands Box Ways from our competitors.

VCX Series

The VCX Series are vertical bridge type machining centers based off our high production VP series.  Big Plus 40 taper chilled spindle with high Horsepower and Large Cross Roller Guide ways

KCV-5AX Series

The KCV-5AX Series: Tilting Head Vertical Designed for long Aerospace/Oilfield parts but performs so well its been adopted by many companies in the Automotive industry for some of the truck/Semi Axle parts.

VG Series

The VG Series: 50 Taper Bridge type Machine with Auto Pallet Changer System (2 APC) this machine has all the power and rigidity you need.