Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission: Helping our customers prosper through innovative manufacturing solutions.

Our Vision: OptiPro Systems has been providing precision machine tools and Mastercam software for New York state manufacturing companies for more than 35 years. OptiPro was founded on the principles of sales integrity combined with unprecedented service and support. Maintaining this business model allowed OptiPro to evolve into a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative grinding, polishing, and metrology machines for the precision optics industry.

OptiPro’s motivation into the precision optics industry was influenced by one revolutionary, yet simple, concept: optical fabricators deserve more. Our established expertise in machine tools helped us introduce the first affordable CNC machine designed specifically for the optics industry back in 1991. Ever since, we have consistently built a culture that cares: a culture of employees who live and breathe by our strong OptiPro values – and a culture of first-rate customers who are collectively on a relentless pursuit of process efficiencies, design improvements, capability enhancements and marketplace superiority.

As always, OptiPro is committed to serving this thriving community of trailblazers, and ensuring that they prosper, by designing innovative products and services that meet their ever-growing and shifting needs. And we are committed to constantly reinventing how we do business in order to serve them, and you, best.

At OptiPro, we won’t settle. Neither should you.

Our Values

Commit to customer service and focus
  • Think of the customer first
  • Be available both today and tomorrow (i.e. from pre-sale through post-sale success and support)
  • Devote ourselves to quality
  • Take pride in our work
Manage with humility
  • Lead with quiet confidence
  • Arrogance leads to complacency
  • Avoid bureaucracy – no politics
  • Empower, don’t control
  • Make a habit of finding things gone right
Value business partnerships
  • Build strong win-win relationships
  • Enable customer, vendor and partner success
Demonstrate teamwork
  • Collaborate
  • Establish common goals and deliver results
  • Help each other succeed
Be passionate about OptiPro
  • Make this an exciting, creative, challenging place to work
  • Make work fun
  • Never accept mediocrity; fail forward
Act like an owner
  • Have the company’s best interests in mind
  • Learn to be business people
  • Ask the right questions
  • Hold yourself and others accountable
  • Prioritize and focus on what’s important