Renishaw Part Inspection Solutions

For nearly fifty years, Renishaw has engineered innovation in their products such as probes for machine tools, styli for probes, metrology fixtures and their new addition, the automated gauging system.

Metrology fixtures are a necessity when inspecting parts and not all fixtures are built for your applications. With Renishaw, you have a large range of solutions in addition to a support team that will work with you to create a custom solution if necessary. Each fixture is guaranteed to be wear resistant, durable and enhance the productivity of your inspection process.

Incorporating part inspection on the shop floor can be difficult when the area of measurement is susceptible to the changing temperatures. Renishaw’s Automated Gauging System, the Equator, is thermally insensitive, versatile, and reprogrammable making it the perfect addition to your shop floor.

Probing for machine tools is an established practice to increase efficiency, quality, and accuracy. Renishaw delivers with proves to fit your machine tool and improve your process. Not sure what probe is your best solution? Contact our sales team to find a custom solution for you. In addition to machine tool probes, Renishaw is proud to deliver on innovative CMM probes and lead as the industry standard. The latest CMM probe is the REVO 5-Axis which has infinite positioning and 5-axis motion that provides both flexibility and speed.

Renishaw also provides styli for probes that fit to CMM, machine tools, scanning probes and Renishaw’s very own Equator gauging system as well as other manufacturers such as ZEISS & Starrett which OptiPro is proud to represent. Choosing the best styli depends on the applications of your work. Not sure on what styli is best? You can always contact a metrology team member or check out our latest blog on how to choose the right styli.