Metrios Measuring Systems

Metrios measuring systems provide accurate and objective quality control on all types of punched, molded, milled and turned parts. It performs the inspection directly in the production environment, increases productivity and reduces costs.

All Metrios precision measurement systems allow the detection of simple and complex measurements, such as distances, radii, diameters, angles, linearity, circularity and many more. All these measurements can also be collected using traditional metrology devices: in this case, however, the operator would employ several instruments to collect and save data.

Furthermore, a manual measuring system often does not guarantee the same objectivity and repeatability as an automated digital measuring system. That’s why the Metrios range of measuring tools and instruments offers an all-in-one solution to all shops. In addition, businesses can appreciate an immediate and measurable return on investment, even during the first months of use.


For medium and large size parts:
from automotive to medical field

Do you produce different sized components? Need to measure multiple parts at the same time? Choose Metrios and Metrios CROSS, two models designed for a wide variety of applications. From automotive and aerospace to the medical sector. You can measure a single part in few seconds or check many of them at the same time. Choose the multi-part measurement and verify dozens of parts in an instant!
Metrios Cross

Do you produce micro-components?
Like watchmaking parts, dental implantology and precision mechanics?

Choose an optical measuring machine with the highest resolution. We designed Metrios HD and Metrios HD CROSS for the smallest components. The perfect solution for small parts and micro-components.

Metrios HD Cross

Metrios Family of Products

Models Overview
METRIOS High resolution for small components.
METRIOS HD The highest resolution in the range, capturing the smallest details of micro-components.
METRIOS CROSS Equipped with sliding stage along the X-Y axis with a large working area and high resolution over the entire field of view.
METRIOS HD CROSS The highest resolution of the range, equipped with a sliding stage along the X-Y axis.


Metrios Video