AutoCart: Robotic Machine Tending

  • Overview

    AutoCart Overview

    The AutoCart is a robotic machine tending solution can be integrated with your existing machine tool. This automation cart is designed to roll up to any machine tool and run it as an operator would. The features and flexibility of the AutoCart make it ideal for a variety of applications:

    • Equipped with FANUC CRX10iA/L collaborative robot with 55” reach and 22 lbs. payload capability. 8 years maintenance free.
    • User-friendly interface created by OptiPro allows jobs to be stored for future use and easier setup of programs.
    • Connects to any FANUC control. For a non-FANUC control, a communication box can be utilized
    • Multiple end effector options depending on your application, including electric/pneumatic, 2 jaw/3 jaw, magnetic, vacuum, single gripper/dual gripper, etc.
    • Large working area with predrilled holes for easy setup and fixturing.
    • Optional multiple drawers available for larger quantity jobs.

    Take your machine tool production to new heights with the AutoCart™ for robotic machine tending.