Pre-Engineered Automation Solutions

As a distributor for Methods Machine Tool, we also offer pre-engineered solutions partnered with Fanuc Robodrills. Current configurations include, Fanuc Plus K, Fanuc Plus K-60 & Fanuc Plus E.

The Plus-K Automation System is an innovative robotic automation solution that is added to a medium bed Fanuc RoboDrill that not only exchanges part carriers but also tool holders to further enhance the functionality of the RoboDrill. The compact automation system is only 32” wide and is secured to the machine on a set of rigid brackets.

The Plus-E Automation System for the Fanuc RoboDrill is based around a space saving elevator system manipulating a stack of pallets. The system will pull out one pallet, allowing access by the robot to take the raw parts to load/unload into the RoboDrill, and placing the finished machined parts back onto the pallet.

The newest addition to Methods Automation Package is Methods MB 650 U AMP. The system is a combination of the Methods’ five-axis MB 650U machining center and the convenience of the Indumatik UL300 automatic pallet changer; configurable with six or eight pallet arrangements.