Yasda Precision Machines

For over 90 years, Yasda strives to be the best. Their machines speak to their durability & accuracy.

Each mating surface is hand scraped by highly skilled craftsman who are able to achieve unmatched accuracies. The result of the hand scraping means a 20-year-old Yasda machine is as true as when it was shipped from the factory. Through the installation of a closed-loop cooling system, the machine is able to control thermal distortions through ball screw brackets and spindle bearings.

Today, Yasda produces Vertical Machining Centers, 5-Axis machining centers, horizontal machining centers, jig borers, precision centers and micro centers.

Precision Centers

Designed for precision & accuracy.

PX30i is shown above


Micro Centers

State-of-the-art high end machines ideal for high quality and high precision machining.

YMC650 shown above

Yasda YBM-640V3-hp

Jig Borers

Precision machine tool used to enlarge existing holes and to bore in precise locations.

YBM640V3 is shown above

5-Axis Machining Centers

High speed and precision machining on 5 axes featuring A & B axis for machining.

YBM-7Ti is shown above.