Yasda Precision Machines

Yasda was founded in 1929 in Osaka City, Japan. Initially consisting of just three people producing engine cylinder boring machines, Yasda has since developed and manufactured over 60 different machines, each model built for accuracy and durability. Yasda machining technology has evolved to be more multi-functional and automated for ultimate productivity. Today, Yasda is committed to continuously pursuing advanced functions and durability in the ultra-high precision machining area and improving its extensive lines of machines, specializing in the following categories:

  • 3 & 5-axes precision hard milling for Die Mold
  • 3 & 5 axes micro hard milling
  • Precision mold base finish milling dramatically reducing or eliminating jig-boring process
  • Precise and Reliable 5-axis machining with Automation
  • Machining tough materials: Titanium, Inconel, 76 Rockwell Steel, etc
  • Precision parts with horizontal centers

Now located in Okayama, Japan, Yasda Precision Tools K.K. (and its American subsidiary, Yasda Precision America Corp.) is so serious about accuracy that they only use their own Yasda machines to build Yasda machine equipment. Yasda machines have advanced design features and robust guideways mounted onto meticulously hand-scraped surfaces and key components, including pallet top surfaces and spindle housing mounting surfaces for long-term precision, rigidity, and thermal stability. Each model is highly accurate and durable, designed to be multi-functional and automated for optimal productivity.

Yasda Vertical Machining Centers

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Yasda 5-Axis Machining Centers

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Yasda Horizontal Machining Centers

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