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    Automation Overview

    Take your production to new heights by fully automating the optical manufacturing process with robotic machine tending. OptiPro provides state-of-the-art Automation Solutions for optical manufacturers looking to streamline operations and increase production through “lights out manufacturing”.

    Automation solutions from OptiPro utilize collaborative robots (cobots) that offer many benefits:

    • Safer and require less guarding than conventional automation
    • Easy to program, quick to set up, and highly reliable
    • Certain configurations, including the unit designed for our PRO 80 machines, are portable and can easily be detached from the machine when automation is not necessary

    Relieve workers of repetitive tasks by taking advantage of the capabilities of a collaborative robot for automation:

    • Automated pick-and-place of optics from part tray
    • Automated part loading and unloading of blanks and finished optics
    • Programmed cleaning of optics after grinding and polishing utilizing a custom configuration designed for your process

    Whether you need to fabricate precision optics in short-run quantities to high volume production, an automation solution can be tailored to your specific application. Increase throughput, lower operating costs, and enhance your bottom line with the reliability and precision of OptiPro Automation Solutions.

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