Renishaw Metrology Fixtures

Renishaw Metrology Fixtures give you the advantage you are looking for. Why? Renishaw provides a wide range of modular fixtures that allow for customization and can easily be duplicated through its specific alpha-numerically labeled hole positions. This set up means no lost time or high error rates from operator variance. In the scenario where you have multiple operators or multiple projects with specific tolerances, there is no need to worry about measuring in the same position or making adjustments. The alpha-numerical labelled plates can easily be documented.

Most components for the fixtures can be hand-tightened allowing for easy fixes and set up. No need to worry over special tooling! The Renishaw fixtures are also unique in their durability and thermal resistance. All steel components are heat treated and base plates are covered in an anodized Nituff hard coat. Components are perfect for a climate-controlled area or used on a shop floor.

Depending on your current set up, you have the option to purchase fixtures for a co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM), Vision Systems or the Equator gauging system.

Renishaw Metrology Fixtures for CMM are available in ranges with M4, M6, M8 or ¼-20 threaded fittings.Renishaw Metrology Fixture Custom

The fixtures for vision centers are built like the one for the CMM with one key distinction – the acrylic base plate. This allows for the backlight to come through to measure the parts. With the acrylic base plate, you have the option of either a quick load corner or an interchangeable vision fixture.

A quick load corner is optimal for a set-up of 400 mm x 400mm or smaller with options for multi-window vision plates or multi-hole vision plates. Measurements of smaller parts are best fitted for a multi-window vision plate. If you are looking to measure multiple items at once, a multi-hole vision plate is your best solution. An interchangeable vision fixture is an acrylic fixture plate surrounded by an anodized aluminum frame; perfect for systems 450 mm x 450 mm or larger.

Renishaw Metrology Fixture for Vision SystemRenishaw has also built fixture kits that suit your new Equator gauging system. Still a modular set up and utilizing an alpha-numeric system, set-up becomes easy and repeatable each time.

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