Renishaw CMM Probes & Styli

Renishaw provides a robust range of solutions for your CMM set up in both styli for probes and CMM probes.

Renishaws’ REVO 5-Axis probing technology has designed the┬áheads to achieve a wide range of motion perfectly programmed with you machines’ speed. Renishaws’ 3-Axis heads are also available if you are looking for touch trigger probing, scanning probes or automated probing. Touch trigger probes are ideal for three dimensional geometric part measurement and are offered as multiple price points making them a great budget option, if needed. With Scanning probes you can pull more surface data from complex surfaces. Additional benefits of the Renishaw Scanning Probes are their light weight composition and natural high natural frequency. Renishaws’ Motorized Probes can be adjusted to a multitude of angular positions and can easily repeat the positions as measurements of the piece continue. For set ups that require more flexibility and measuring multiple faces to a part, Renishaw offers manual system probes – both indexing heads and servo motor types.

With your current CMM set up, having the most effective stylus is as important as the machine itself. Additionally, the material that the stylus is made out of will affect your measurements. For example, a stylus made of aluminum may be an affordable option however due to its thermal sensitivity, the stem of the stylus could become damaged and bent. If you are looking to purchase a straight stylus or star pointer stylus, making sure you have the right ball and material attached is also important. While Ruby is a familiar material, it does not partner well with measuring soft materials such as aluminum. The constant use will actually create adhesive wear altering the shape of the ball and in turn affecting your measurements.

Renishaw makes sure that when finding the perfect solution for your set up, they are matching you with the right material. Renishaw also provides custom styli solutions if needed as well as additively manufactured styli for your most complex measurements. Renishaw’s Styli for Probes are built for CMM, machine tools, scanning probes, equator gauging systems as well as for sensors from other manufacturers including select ZEISS metrology equipment.

Several examples are listed below regarding sample styli from Renishaw. If you are unsure as to which styli to choose, check out our blog post on what to know when choosing a styli for your probe.

If your measurements are focused on contacting the basic features,
a straight stylus would be the best option.

The star stylus is probably one of the most recognizable styli for coordinate measurement machines. With its multi-point set up, this allows for inspection of extreme points internally.

If your application requires measuring undercuts and groves, the disc styli is a great fit. Directions are limited to X & Y only.

Renishaw is proud to be able to provide industry standard styli for your set up. As a distributor of ZEISS metrology equipment, OptiPro is happy to provide a wide range of probe styli for select ZEISS CMM products.

ZEISS O-Inspect


As a proud distributor of ZEISS O-INSPECT and O-SELECT, OptiPro will work with you to find your best solution. In addition to providing styli, Renishaw also offers styli holders, cubes, adapters as well as many other accessories.


Look no further for styli kits when it comes to Renishaws Equator. Several kit variations are available for purchase. Connect with our sales team today to learn more.