Proven Success with KIWA Horizontal Machining Centers

Read success stories highlighting manufacturing companies that invest in KIWA Horizontal Machining Centers. Learn about the benefits that your company can experience, including efficient chip evaculation, accessible three-side machining, the capability of having multiple parts on a fixture, reduced set up times, longer run times, great spindle up times, and the potential of lights-out manufacturing.

KIWA KH45 Horizontal Machining Center

Multi-Pallet HMCs Reduce Setup Time

Baum Precision Machining Inc. was initially hesitant to try horizontal machining. However, after incorporating Kiwa HMCs into its facility, the company realized a 55 percent increase in spindle utilization. In addition, setup time decreased form an average of eight hours with VMCs to two with the KIWA HMCs. The KIWA-Japan KH-45 machines also enable Baum to run lights out more consistently.

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Kenlee Precision Corp. and KIWA HMCs

Multi-Pallet HMC Builds KanBan Performance

Kenlee Precision Corp. (Baltimore, MD) knows very well the demands that blanket order contracts for multiple parts and different customers can place on a manufacturing operation. To maintain the necessary order pace and ensure a steady product flow, Kenneth Lewis Sr., owner of Kenlee Precision, sought Methods Machine Tools' expertise for recommendations on the best multipallet machining solution. Methods recommended a KIWA KH-45 six-pallet HMC which Lewis added to Kenlee’s machine arsenal in late 2013.

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Workholding Challenge Becomes Shop's Products

After designing a very successful patent-pending atypical workholding device (a tombstone with a hollow core, an integrated five-axis rotary indexer, and the ability to add up to eight indexers), KME CNC in Orange, CA invested in a high performance HMC that excels in torque, repeatability, accuracy, and flexibility - the KIWA KH-45. KME CNC is using their KIWA to make all their tombstone parts, including the faceplates, gears, transition plates, and motor covers.

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