Precision Optics Centering Machine: 5-200 mm Optics

PRO 160C

The PRO 160C CNC precision optics centering machine is capable of high precision centering of spheres and aspheres up to 200 mm in diameter. Non-circular lens shapes (truncations), facets, steps, bevels, tapers and freeform edge shaping can also be performed on the PRO 160C. For parts that have multiple geometric features, more than one operation can be completed in a single cycle, freeing the operator to run several machines at once.

Multiple advanced features help companies achieve exceptional centering production, precision, and repeatability:

  • Highest quality machine components are integrated into the PRO 160C, including quick-change high speed HSK63F tool spindles that minimize setup time.
  • At the core of the machine is a rigid granite base for excellent stability, ensuring highest quality and consistent part-to-part accuracy.
  • Centering bells are precisely manufactured with state-of-the-art metalworking equipment in-house by OptiPro's team of machinists. High quality centering bells minimize any damage risk to the surface of the clamped optic.
  • Three options to center the workpiece - laser alignment via transmission or reflection, centering with dial indicator, or self centering.
  • Proficient bell clamping technology minimizes setup time by automatically applying the desired amount of clamping force that is specified.
  • Intuitive Edge Detection feature allows the operator to quickly apply necessary bevels to the optic.
  • Center thickness compensation ensures accurate bevels and sag flats.

The PRO 160C CNC centering machine delivers efficient and precise processing of optical glasses, ceramics, and IR materials in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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