Aspheric lens & Freeform Optics polishing machine: 10-300 mm

  • UFF 300: Fast & precise polishing of aspheres and freeformsUFF 300: Fast & precise polishing of aspheres and freeforms
  • Finish aspheres in a fraction of the timeFinish aspheres in a fraction of the time
  • Patented 5-axis sub-aperture polishing systemPatented 5-axis sub-aperture polishing system
  • Deterministic finishing for up to 300mm opticsDeterministic finishing for up to 300mm optics
  • Precision polishing of optical glasses, ceramics & stainless steelPrecision polishing of optical glasses, ceramics & stainless steel

UFF 300

UFF 300 is ideal for polishing a variety of different optics up to 300mm in diameter, including spheres, aspheric lenses, aspheric cylinders, freeforms and more. UFF 300 allows you to polish directly after grind with high removal rates (no need to pre-polish!). This platform utilizes OptiPro's patented 5-axis sub-aperture polishing system, UltraForm® Finishing (UFF™).  UFF involves a moving belt of polishing material wrapped around a precision compressive wheel delivering 1/2 wave p-v or better accuracies.

Multiple advanced features help companies decrease cycle times while increasing quality and throughput of aspheric and freeform precision optics:

  • Better finishing: Stiff, heavy meehanite machine base to provide vibration dampening
  • Faster set-ups: Easy-to-learn U Series software guides operator through process (automatic tool path optimization)
  • Process consistency and durability: Moving belt of polishing material provides 1,250mm of linear tool surface
  • Process flexibility: Variety of precision belts utilizing classic polyurethane to uniquely formulated materials ranging from 1/2 to 250 micron abrasive for grind to final polish
  • Faster cycle times: Quickly polish directly after grind with high removal rates
  • Extensive material processing: Variety of fixed and loose abrasives can be utilized to polish optical glasses, crystals, ceramics, and metals such as stainless steel lens mold inserts
  • Difficult geometries made easy: Multiple wheel options for finishing down to 5mm concave aspheres
  • Deterministic corrections: On-board removal function measurements and feedback from metrology instruments for correcting rotationally symmetric or asymmetric optics
  • Freeform capable: Ability to use sag table as input to define non-rotationally symmetric shapes; can also perform full 5-axis figure correction using PROSurf Freeform CAM Software
  • Safer touch-offs: Non-contact probing won't scratch polished part
  • Easy to service: Maintenance items readily accessible

The impressive capability and versatility of the UFF 300 allows your company to achieve high precision polishing of simple or complex optical components with unprecedented efficiency.

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