OptiPro Systems Acquires Glassmaster Fabrications

Glassmaster 520 Planetary PolisherOntario, NY, September 5, 2014 – OptiPro Systems, LLC has acquired Glassmaster Fabrications, a leader in continuous planetary polishing equipment. With the acquisition of Glassmaster, OptiPro is positioned to serve the precision flat optics market, furthering their mission of helping companies prosper through innovative optical manufacturing solutions.

Glassmaster’s industry-renowned Plano Pro planetary polisher, which will be rebranded as the OptiPro Glassmaster 520, incorporates patented technology to ensure consistent flatness and finish of glass, ceramic, silicon, crystal, or metal parts. The Glassmaster 520’s optimal performance allows the platform to fit seamlessly into OptiPro’s lineup of leading-edge machines for precision optics fabrication.

“Glassmaster is a trusted name among companies fabricating precision flat optics,” said Mike Bechtold, President of OptiPro. “The impressive features and attention-to-detail are a reflection of the countless R&D hours invested to make it the finest pitch polisher in the market. OptiPro is excited to have the opportunity to service and support existing customers in addition to growing the Glassmaster brand.”

“OptiPro is the perfect company to drive the future success of Glassmaster,” said Dan Ficarro, founder of Glassmaster Fabrications. “Their highly experienced team of engineers and technicians will keep Glassmaster ahead of the technological curve, ensuring that it continues to outperform the competition for years to come.”

OptiPro will immediately begin manufacturing, selling, servicing, and supporting all Glassmaster 520 planetary polishers.

Glassmaster Fabrications was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of continuous planetary polishers and precision glass cutting saws. Based in Ontario, NY, the company’s inception was the result of the combined expertise of a master optician and master machinist with the goal of designing the most effective and maintenance free line of optical equipment in the world.

About OptiPro:

OptiPro Systems, LLC is the only U.S. company that designs and builds CNC optical grindinghigh speed spherical polishingsub-aperture polishing, and metrology equipment. OptiPro started out as a reseller and service provider for CNC metalworking equipment over 30 years ago and evolved into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of an extensive line of machines for precision optics fabrication.

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