OptiPro Announces PRO 160 Series for High Volume Production of Precision Optics Up To 160mm

Features of the PRO 160 Series parallel those of the well-known PRO 80 Series, including a compact footprint, granite machine base, user-friendly software, and platform mobility.

OptiPro Announces New Machine Line for 5 to 80 mm OpticsOntario, NY, October 20, 2015 – OptiPro Systems, LLC, a world leader in providing precision optics fabrication equipment, introduced the PRO 160 Series comprising of four different platforms for precision optical grinding, polishing, and centering. Influenced by the proven success of the PRO 80 Series, the PRO 160 Series provides optical manufacturers with many of the same benefits while expanding part size capability by two fold. Rapid prototyping to high volume production of precision spheres and aspheres up to 160mm in diameter can be achieved with minimized floor space requirements.

“Much of our innovation is inspired by customer feedback, and the overwhelming success of the PRO 80’s generated a strong demand for this type of configuration to accommodate parts exceeding 80mm,” said Mike Bechtold, President of OptiPro Systems. “The experienced engineering behind our new PRO 160 Series allowed us to double part size capability while increasing the width and depth of these platforms by only 16” and 8” respectively.”

Three machines, the PRO 160 GTS for CNC optical generating, PRO 160P for high speed spherical polishing, and PRO 160A for asphere finishing, join the PRO 160C, which made its debut at SPIE Optifab 2013. High quality machine components, including robust spindles coupled with HSK 63 quick-change tool holders, maximize grinding performance on the PRO 160 GTS. The PRO 160P delivers high speed polishing of precision spherical optics with convenient features that include on-board polishing tool correction/truing as well as an easy-to-clean stainless steel enclosure conducive to fast slurry changeover. The PRO 160A incorporates two optical polishing solutions, UltraForm Finishing (UFF) and UltraSmooth Finishing (USF), in one machine ideal for efficient production of aspheres to optical requirements with minimized mid-spatial frequencies.

All machines in the PRO 160 Series feature a stiff granite base for vibration dampening and optimal part quality. Each platform is driven by OptiPro’s powerful and user-friendly software that is designed to streamline all phases of precision optics fabrication. In addition, a compact footprint and retractable wheels on each machine provide ease of mobility around the shop floor.

About OptiPro:

OptiPro Systems has been providing precision machine tools and Mastercam software for New York state manufacturing companies for more than 30 years. OptiPro was founded on the principles of sales integrity combined with unprecedented service and support. Maintaining this business model allowed OptiPro to evolve into a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative grinding, polishing, and metrology machines for the precision optics industry. For more information on OptiPro and their entire line of optical fabrication equipment, go to http://www.optipro.com.


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