SPIE Optifab Recap: Metrology Edition

Last week we wrapped up another amazing SPIE.Optifab show and conference, the largest international optics show in North America dedicated to the fabrication of precision optics! Companies from as far as Japan, France & Germany were on the exhibition floor along with many local companies, including OptiPro.

The OptiPro Booth showcased several different models of optics manufacturing equipment as well as Metrology platforms from ZEISS and Starrett. Dave Mohring, Metrology Coordinator, & Casey Shepler, Metrology Product Sales, held demonstrations of automated measurements of lenses on the ZEISS O-INSPECT 543 multisensor CMM. The turnkey solution consisted of partnerships with Universal Robot UR5 & New Scale Robotics NSR-PG gripper/caliper.

Joshua Loewenguth, ZEISS Product Sales Manager, was also in attendance for the event. He noted that the collaboration focused on the benefits of introducing automation with a system such as the ZEISS O-INSPECT 543. The demonstration was also able to showcase that mundane tasks can be automated and increase production while lowering error rates in the task. Josh commented that the audience could see the process as two different component parts were loaded and measured with the NSR-PG precision gripper and caliper.  The measurement result and communication between the CMM, Robot and Gripper determined which part was loaded and ran the corresponding measurement plan on the O-INSPECT CMM.  The resultant measured characteristics were communicated to the robot and the measured part placed in the Pass Or Fail tray.

Customers that attended the event were excited by the possibilities of how they could introduce the automated equipment onto their shop floor and in the quality lab. This measurement solution allows the technicians and QC inspectors to setup jobs and work during the day and task the robot with repetitive operations to be run after hours.

The OptiPro Booth was busy with live product demonstrations as attendees brought in small 1-2mm diameter optics, freeform shaped lenses and components for the medical and augmented reality industries.

If you are interested in learning more about OptiPro’s Metrology solutions, please contact dmohring@optipro.com.