New Year, New Software: 4 Features to know in Mastercam2022

New Year means new resolutions to make improvements, so why not make improvements to your shop with the addition of Mastercam!

With last years release, new features drew attention around Mastercam2022. Features such as Dynamic OptiRough and the Multi-Axis Expansion were two of the many additions. Below are some of the key features that customers and staff enjoy and utilize in the Mastercam suite.

Dynamic OptiRough

The Dynamic Motion Technology saves users programming and machining time. With Mastercam2022, Dynamic OptiRough was introduced and made available to all mill and router users. Features included, simplification of less advanced toolpaths which cuts down on programming time, reduces cycle time and with optimized cutting, reduces the potential of tools breaking.

Direct Modeling or Model Prep

Programmers have access to edit, move, and copy solid geometry.  Users can also manipulate the assembly into machinable components and with geometry nesting, the components can be laid out on sheets of virtual material. This gives users the ability to see how they can machine the most from the least amount of material.

Mesh Editing

Prior to the latest release, provided mesh models gave no opportunity to manipulate and alter. With Mastercam 2022, users can create and edit mesh models directly.


Multi-Axis Expansion

Unified Multiaxis combines the power and controls of the multiaxis tool paths. Users can select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the toolpath pattern. Using the geometry chosen, the toolpath picks the best algorithm to calculate the path.

The above are just a few features our team has enjoyed. With each release, Mastercam makes updates to the software to make the user interface easier to navigate and program. Mastercam2022 was exciting and the anticipation is only growing for Mastercam2023 especially since this is the first year the product will be released under the Sandvik acquisition.


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