New CRX Cobots Introduced

On March 1st, the world was introduced to 3 more CRX Cobots! Prior to the release, FANUC boasted 2 CRX models, the CRX 10iA and 10iA/L which have a 10kg payload. Their ease of installation, programming and safety features made them a popular choice with shops just starting to incorporate robots. The three new models are: CRX-5iA, CRX-20iA/L and CRX 25iA.

“The new size FANUC CRX robots revealed are very exciting,” commented automation engineer, Mitch Sedore. “They allow for larger payloads and a longer reach for bigger tasks along with a version for smaller payloads and places where there may not be enough room to fit a larger robot.”

FANUC drew a lot of attention at EMO last year with the announcement of two new industrial robots, the M-1000iA and the LR-10iA/10. Both were on display showcasing the payload they could carry as well as the flexibility the systems offered when paired with a Robodrill.

With a growing labor shortage and an increase in demand, many manufacturers are looking for ways to meet production levels. “FANUC’s new robots could disrupt the market by opening up more applications to be collaborative that were previously limited by payload and reach,” Sedore observed. The introduction of automation now goes beyond running lights out. When you have an automation solution that work within a cell of machines, you can re-focus current employees to a group of cells to monitor.

While there are several pre-engineered solutions offered through Methods Machine Tools, our automation team will work with you to find the best solution. There is no one-size-fits-all system and it is dependent on factors such as parts, tooling, and machine configuration. Once you have a system selected and a robot, the integration and programming are straightforward.

When asked what this means for automation, Sedore said that automation is headed towards more easily deployed collaborative robots. He sees this as benefitting smaller shops to quickly automate tasks, and give shops a competitive advantage in manufacturing.


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