Methods Plus Big-K Automation System

When looking for automation, you want a system that fits your needs. Recent automation systems are configurable for high-mix, low volume work such as the Methods Plus Big-K Automation System.

The pre-engineered automation solution is paired with a medium bed Fanuc Robodrill. It not only exchanges part carriers, but also tool holders, to further enhance the functionality of the Robodrill. The robot used is the Fanuc M-20iB/25 6-Axis Robot.

This configuration allows rotary storage of 120 parts per part carrier and 280 Tool positions. Think of the redundant tooling you can add in and the mixture of parts you can load without a second thought. With the addition of this automation system, you are increasing uptime, throughput and allowing to run lights out. Some shops end up adding in another shift. The capacity your shop will gain from the addition, will provide the opportunity to pursue more jobs and quote lower to customers.

Many customers report having their automation systems paid off in 12 – 18 months. It’s easy to see the return on investment when the machine is running unattended.

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