4" and 6" transmission spheres and transmission flats

OptiPro Transmission Spheres

To get the most out of your Fizeau interferometer, it is crucial to utilize transmission spheres and flats that provide the utmost accuracy when measuring surface irregularities and wavefront of high precision optics. Measure confidently with OptiPro’s new 4” and 6” transmission spheres, transmission flats, convergers and divergers.

OptiPro transmission spheres provide many advantages that make them ideal choice for your interferometer:

  • Manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technology
  • Available in either λ/10 or λ/20 absolute precision levels (λ=633nm)
  • Surface quality of 10-5 scratch and dig
  • Low mid-spatial frequency surfaces (digital map included)
  • Reference surface 4% reflectivity
  • Low expansion, stress free mount for reference element
  • 101.6mm and 152.4mm entrance beam diameter available
  • Wide range of f#'s available from f/0.65 up to f/160

All transmission spheres and flats are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure optimal performance. In addition, each is packaged in a foam-lined, impact resistant case and comes with supporting documentation, including a certificate of conformance attesting to their absolute precision.

Utilize OptiPro transmission spheres and ensure your optics measure up to your customers’ exacting standards.


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