See OptiPro in Booth #715 at SPIE Optifab

  • SPIE Optifab 2017: See OptiPro in Booth 715SPIE Optifab 2017: See OptiPro in Booth 715
  • Technical Presentations at the Optifab ConferenceTechnical Presentations at the Optifab Conference
  • 2017 Optifab Booth Layout2017 Optifab Booth Layout
  • The new PRO 160P2The new PRO 160P2
  • Acylinder Polishing with UFF and PROSurfAcylinder Polishing with UFF and PROSurf
  • UltraSurf Non-Contact Metrology SystemUltraSurf Non-Contact Metrology System
  • Automation on PRO 80 GTSAutomation on PRO 80 GTS
  • Ultrasonic Machining of Hard CeramicsUltrasonic Machining of Hard Ceramics
  • Asphere Polishing with UFF and USFAsphere Polishing with UFF and USF
  • Precision Optical Centering with PRO 160CPrecision Optical Centering with PRO 160C

SPIE Optifab, the largest optical manufacturing conference and exhibition held in North America, will be taking place October 17-19, 2017 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester, NY. If you are looking to enhance your optical manufacturing and metrology capabilities, or just want to see the latest and greatest technology, stop by OptiPro's booth (#715). Our 40'x40' booth space will feature over a dozen solutions designed to optimize production of precision optics and advanced ceramics:

  • The all new PRO 160P+ with dual lower spindles for efficient high speed polishing and tool truing
  • PRO 80 Series:
    - Auto clamping on the PRO 80 GTS optical grinder, which will be configured with Universal Robots robotic arm to perform auto loading/unloading
    - UltraSmooth Finishing on the PRO 80P
    - Improved asphere polishing using the PRO 80 UFF
  • Polishing aspheric cylinders on the UFF 300, driven by PROSurf freeform CAM software
  • Light weighting and advanced probing routines on the OptiSonic 550X
  • New enhancements to the UltraSurf 4X 300 non-contact metrology system, including faster measuring speed and increased accuracy rating
  • Accurately measuring freeform surfaces on the UltraSurf 5X non-contact metrology system, driven by new freeform metrology software
  • OptiTrace 5000 high precision contact profilometer for measuring spheres aspheres, and acylinders.
  • PRO Tower vertical interferometer for fast in-process metrology or final metrology of precision optics
  • Multisensor CMM measurement on the ZEISS O-INSPECT 543
  • Glassmaster 520 planetary polisher

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In addition, OptiPro engineers and technicians will be presenting technical papers on the latest optical manufacturing and metrology advancements:

  • Ultrasonic grinding of optical materials
    Authors: Michael J. Cahill, Michael J. Bechtold, Edward Fess, Thomas Stephan, Rob Bechtold, OptiPro Systems
    • Computer aided manufacturing for complex freeform optics
      Authors: Frank L. Wolfs, Edward Fess, Dustin Johns, Gabriel LePage, Greg Matthews, OptiPro Systems
  • Advancements in non-contact metrology of aspheres and diffractive optics
    Authors: Scott DeFisher, OptiPro Systems

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We look forward to seeing you at the big show! If you have specific questions and would like to find out how partnering with OptiPro can help your company prosper, we encourage you to schedule a time to meet at our booth.

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