Optical Measuring Equipment

There's a lot riding on your components. We get it. That's why you take the accuracy of your measurements so seriously - and why we take the accuracy and intelligence of our equipment so seriously. From contour and surface texture analysis to wavefront and radius measurements, we offer the precision that you require. Planos, spheres, aspheres, hemispheres. Cylinders, ogives, freeform optics. Just ask any member of the OptiPro community of trailblazers. No matter what your requirements, you can trust OptiPro's measure of confidence.

OptiTrace 5000 Contact Surface Profilometer

Surface Profilometer

Spheres, Aspheres, and Cylinders

OptiTrace 5000 high precision contact surface profilometer is a unique solution for the measurement of spheres, aspheres, and cylinder precision optics. The integration of OptiPro's powerful analysis software, ergonomic environmental enclosure and the Y-Theta air bearing unit with the ZEISS Surfcom 5000 profilometer for 2D and 3D measurement.

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UltraSurf Non-Contact Measurement

Non-Contact Metrology System

Aspheres, Cylinders, and Freeforms

UltraSurf 5X, OptiPro's high precision 5-axis non-contact metrology system is capable of measuring various precision optical components, from plano optics to spheres, aspheres, cylinders, torics, and freeforms to sub-micron accuracies.

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UltraSurf Non-Contact Measurement

Non-Contact Metrology System

Planos, Spheres, and Aspheres

UltraSurf 4X 300, OptiPro's high precision 4-axis non-contact metrology system is capable of measuring various rotationally-symmetric precision optical components, including planos, spheres, and aspheres, to sub-micron accuracies.

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PRO Tower Vertical Interferometer with CGH Scale

Vertical Interferometer

Wavefront and Radius Measurement

The PRO Tower vertical interferometer is capable of measuring the wavefront and radius of optics that are up to 300 mm in diameter. It has a motorized stage with 1,000 mm of travel and is available with a CGH for asphere metrology. This robust platform is great for either fast in-process metrology or final metrology.

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UltraCURV Ultra Accurate Spherometer

Ultra Accurate Spherometer

UltraCURV (Computerized Universal Radius Verifier) is an ultra accurate spherometer available in two configurations: a table top unit and handheld unit. Both are ideal for measuring radius of curvature and sag height of ground or polished planos and spherical optics.

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