Starrett Vision Systems

Starrett CNC Vision Systems are versatile, accurate, fast, and American made. Industries focused on tool & die, mold making, and medical devices can attest to the benefits. When measuring a knee replacement or a new mold, no contact metrology is the best solution. With Starrett’s CNC Vision System you are able to conduct video-based inspection with up to two-micron meter accuracy or .0002”. Additionally, Starrett also offers telecentric lenses for micron level resolution. The telecentric lenses are optional but highly encouraged with you purchase of a Starrett CNC Vision System. Despite their bulkiness and weight, they are able to capture light with minimal distortion.

The AVR CNC Vision System is the perfect fit for your shop. Configured with 3 LED lights for project illumination and include collimated LED sub-stage illumination, ring light LED surface illumination and coaxial light illumination. Fully motorized and can be adjusted in the full xyz positioning. If you are looking for a hybrid combination of an optical comparator and vision system, look no further than the HDV400 Horizontal Digital Video Comparator. Configured with a 5MP digital video camera and a touchscreen monitor running MetLogix M3 Metrology software, you’ll easily be able to record measurements. Additionally, you’ll be able to bring in DXF CAD files for electronic overlays instead of Mylar overlays.

Interested in learning how your business can bring metrology to your shop floor? Contact our team today to discuss your current projects.

Showroom Models

  • Starrett HDV400


    • X-Y-Z Travel (in): 16″ x 6″
    • X-Y Accuracy (µm): E1 = 3.0 µm + L/33
    • Scale Resolution: 0.5 µm
    • Control System / Software: M3
    • Display: 24″ Touchscreen Monitor