Starrett Optical Systems

When searching for measurement tools for your shop floor, optical comparators are one of many solutions to consider. Time and time again, Starrett Optical Comparators prove their worth through their ease of use. A simple shop can effectively measure within five minutes of training. With a rise in “walk up metrology” as Starrett puts it, the system is built to measure next to your point of production. Your shop floor employees can easily measure the length & width in addition to gathering necessary information such as detecting indentations, scratches, and undesirable chamfers. The highlighting benefit for many – the measurements are done via light source, so no contact metrology. No more worrying over changing the shape of delicate parts!

With Starrett, we provide access to a variety of comparators that are divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical with variations on each. A horizontal comparator is where the beam of light travels horizontally across a stage whereas a vertical comparator has the beam of light traveling vertically. Within each category you can have bench-top comparators, floor standing and floor standing side bed models. The HB400 Horizontal Benchtop Optical Comparator is one of our favorite models for it’s 16″ x 16″ screen, quick change bayonet fitting lense and Q-Axis digital protractor with angular measuremnets to 1′ resolution. Interested in learning more about this set up? Contact our team today!