Starrett Force & Material Testing

Each item you engage with requires force. Whether it is the force used to turn a doorknob or the force of pressing a button, understanding the power behind the action and the material is essential to engineers and original equipment manufacturers.

With Starrett’s robust force and material testing equipment, you do not have to look far to find your solution. From entry level L1 Force Measurement systems to complex L3 systems, Starrett’s equipment is optimized for production and quick results. Gone are the days of hand gages and guessing the accuracy of hand calculated measurements. Starting with Starrett’s L1 Force Measurement system offered in several varieties and extensions – 110 lbf, 330 lbf and 550 lbf with either 20 inch travel length or extended 30 inch travel length. These systems are perfect for fast and efficient production testing, combining functionality and affordability. For more advanced force testing, Starrett’s L2 & L2Plus system is a better fit by providing complex force analysis and measurement. These models are also offered in configurable force from 1000 Newtons force to 50,000 Newtons force. Looking for a system to match the requirements from your design engineers or research scientists? Starrett’s L3 System for Material Testing is perfect for material characterization, verification, and validation. Also configurable from 1,000 Newtons force to 50,000 Newtons force.

As our industry continues to innovate and invent, we are seeing a growing investment in 3-D printing. This can provide unique challenges especially with understanding the material that is being produced. New parts and pieces that are 3-D printed involve constant material testing especially with new material pairings for polymer composites. To stay ahead of competition, material and force testing is a requirement, but instead of having to rely on large and expensive equipment, you can achieve the same measurement results with Starrett equipment. Interested in learning how we can help? Contact our sales team.

Showroom Model

  • Showroom Model FMM-550


    • Capacity: 550lbf, 2500N, 250kg
    • Crosshead Travel: 20in, 508mm
    • Vertical Test Space: 22in, 559mm
    • Travel – Position Accuracy: +/-0.001”
    • Speed – Accuracy: Better than 0.1% of test speed
    • Load Hold – Maximum Duration: 27 hours