SpaceClaim CAM Add-On

CAM Add-on for Increasing Productivity: Easy, Fast, Powerful 2D/3D Tool Set

Traditional history-based CAD systems are designed for full-time CAD users. On the shop floor, however, these systems can get in the way of getting parts out the door. SpaceClaim takes a different approach, letting you manipulate geometry however you see fit to get on with production with its built-in CAM add-on capabilities and integration with CAM solutions.


  • Open and edit parts from any CAD system
  • Create and print a hole table from an imported part in ten clicks
  • Use SpaceClaim’s unique and powerful de-featuring tools to create in-process models for different machining operations
  • Design jigs and fixtures off of in-process models
  • Make edits quickly and easily, without having to use a complicated CAD system
  • Adjust geometry correctly to account for the manufacturing process


  • Focus on tools that get the job done
  • More cost-effective than traditional CAD
  • Eliminate waste from your CAD process
  • Never worry about rebuild errors slowing you down

SpaceClaim – New Mastercam Productivity Add-On: Easy-Fast-Powerful 2D/3D Tool-Set

SpaceClaim: New Mastercam Productivity Add-On: Easy-Fast-Powerful 2D/3D Tool-Set. Before creating toolpaths in Mastercam, it’s best to get the geometry right. SpaceClaim, now directly integrated with Mastercam, is the best tool to open, correct, and update CAD parts prior to CNC programming.

Top 5 Reasons SpaceClaim Helps Machinists

The Top 5 Reasons SpaceClaim Helps Machinists:

  • Creation of tooling and fixturing is now easier than ever thanks to SpaceClaim’s 3D Direct Modeling technology
  • SpaceClaim allows you to convert old dxf and dwg files into useful 3D data. SpaceClaim also lets you repair dirty geometry you may find after opening up a CAD model, including incomplete CAD data from a neutral format or any other major CAD source
  • SpaceClaim makes it easy to accurately convey a manufacturing process by allowing you to defeature and simplify a finished model
  • SpaceClaim gives you many ways to convey your idea to others
  • SpaceClaim gives the machinists simple tools to optimize models and prepare it for machining tasks. Identify, change, or even remove draft from a model you didn’t create. Save time and reduce cost by splitting a part in two and machining each section separately by using SpaceClaim to slice up a model and add joining features to merge the bodies back together. These tools give you the power you need to simplify and optimize any model.

With SpaceClaim Direct Modeling technology, you can skip the complexity of traditional CAD systems. You’ll get parts out the door faster, win more bids, and reduce waste. And with SpaceClaim’s seamless integration into CAM products, as well as a user interface that makes working in 3D simple, fast, and fun, watch SpaceClaim pay for itself in just a few production runs.