CNC Optical Polishing Machines

Improve your precision, capability and predictability along with your bottom line. With OptiPro's CNC High Speed Polishing machines, you can reduce cycle times, increase quality, and take on high volume production jobs with confidence. Experience repeatability for plano and spherical optics production and the power to polish hemispherical domes. The PRO 80P, ePX 200, and TRIUMPH can handle a variety of materials including optical glasses, optical ceramics, and metals. Larger workpieces up to 200mm in diameter? No problem. Just ask any member of the OptiPro community of trailblazers. We have the right polishing solution for you.

PRO 80P CNC Spherical Optics Polisher

High Speed Spherical Polisher: Up to 80 mm Optics

The PRO 80P is a high speed spherical lens polisher for workpieces up to 80 mm in diameter. Fast setups and cycle times are achieved with the PRO 80P, yielding high production of spherical optics.

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ePX 200 High Speed Spherical Polishing

High Speed Spherical Polisher: Up to 200 mm Optics

The ePX 200 CNC spherical high-speed lens polishers allow users to have multi-step polishing of spherical surfaces. Menu-driven graphical user interface makes it easy to input and view required process data, process cycle parameters, polishing pressure, polishing time, oscillation data, spindle loads, and more.

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TRIUMPH Polisher: Prototype to Production of Spheres, Aspheres & Domes

Prototype-to-Production of Spheres, Domes, and Aspheres

The TRIUMPH platform performs prototype to high volume production polishing of aspheres, spheres, and domes. TRIUMPH incorporates three precision optical polishing solutions in one Universal Multi Polishing Head: CNC High Speed Spherical Polishing, UltraForm® Finishing, and UltraSmooth Finishing.