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  • OptiPro Machine Tool ShowroomOptiPro Machine Tool Showroom
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OptiPro Systems state-of-the-art 7,500 square foot machine tool showroom is stocked with the latest manufacturing technology from Methods Machine Tools, Flow, and EnvisionTEC. Whether you are looking for high performance machining centers, turning centers, multi-tasking machines, wire EDM's, waterjet technology, 3D printing solutions, stop by our showroom for a demonstration to see how you can enhance your manufacturing capabilities.

Currently in our showroom:

Fanuc RoboDrill D21LiB5
Fanuc RoboDrill D21LiB5

Fanuc RoboDrill Short Bed

Fanuc RoboDrill D21LiB5 Longbed - Versatility and flexibility not found in other machines in its class

  • Compact Design
  • Big Plus Spindle
  • Up to 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining
  • FANUC 31i-B5 Nano CNC System
  • Ultra Precise 16,000,000 Pulse/Rev Encoders
  • Ai Contour Control
  • Thermal Growth Compensation
  • 1.6 sec Chip to Chip
  • 1.5G Accel/Decel
  • Helical Interpolation Program Storage
  • Rigid Tapping 5,000/8,000 RPM
  • Thread Milling
  • High Speed Reverse Tapping

Over 130,000 units produced worldwide

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Fanuc C400iB RoboCut Wire EDM
Fanuc C400iB RoboCut Wire EDM

Fanuc C400iB RoboCut Wire EDM - World renowned for high precision and reliability

  • Discharge Control AiP2
  • Anti-recast Power Supply
  • 3D Coordinate System Rotation
  • Thermal Monitoring and Compensation
  • "Core Stitch" Slug Retention
  • Capable of Operating Single and Dual Axis Rotary Table
  • Auto Wire Feeding AWF2 Measurement Function
  • FANUC 31i-WB Controller with New iHMI User Interface
  • Wire Size: .004" to .012"
  • Inverter Controlled Chiller

Over 20,000 units produced worldwide

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Feeler VB-1100
Feeler VB-1100

Feeler VB-1100 - Heavy duty boxway machines featuring a high torque two stage gearbox

  • 8,000 RPM, 25 HP BIG-PLUS 50 Taper Spindle (8,000 RPM, 15 HP/40 Taper optional)
  • 2 Stage Gearbox
  • FANUC Spindle and Servo Motors
  • All Boxway Design X/Y/Z
  • 30 Tool Dual Swing Arm ATC
  • AICC-40 Block Look Ahead

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Feeler FTC-200L
Feeler FTC-200L

Feeler FTC-200L - Slant bed CNC turning centers featuring high rigidity structure for ultimate performance

  • 8 in. Chuck A2-6
  • Max. Turning Diameter 13.8 in. (350 mm)
  • Max. Turning Length 26 in. (660 mm)
  • Bar Capacity: 2.5 in. (65 mm)
  • 30 Degree Slant Bed is One-Piece Constructed
  • Linear Guideways on X, Z-Axis

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Feeler U-600
Feeler U-600

Feeler U-600 - 5-axis vertical machining center

  • X/Y/Z axis travel: 18.1"/20.5"/15.7"
  • Tilting A-axis with +40° to -110° motion
  • 4th and 5th axis utilize roller CAM technology
  • Max. load: 550 lbs (250 kg)
  • Spindle: 10,000 rpm / 10 HP BT-40
  • Max. number of tools: 24 standard (30 optional)
  • Control: Fanuc 0iMF
  • Work envelope: 23.6" diameter (600mm)

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Swistek RB 20Y
Swistek RB 20Y

Swistek RB20Y - 8 Axis Swiss-Type CNC Screw Machine w/Removable Guide Bushing and Y-Axis Subspindle Tools

  • 8 Position Y axis Back working
  • 20mm Bar Capacity
  • 9.840" Main Spindle Stroke
  • 8 Axis
  • Independent Subspindle
  • FANUC 32i-B Control
  • HYBRID Removable Guide Bushing
  • Rapid Traverse Rate 1,290ipm
  • Synchronous Rotary Guide Bushing
  • Up to 23 Live Tools
  • Up to 47 Tools Total
  • C-Axis Main and Subspindle

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Swistek RB42Y
Swistek RB42Y

Swistek RB42Y Hybrid Swiss - Swiss Type CNC equipped with Fanuc Series 32iM Controller

  • FANUC 32i-B Control (Loaded with Options)
  • 8-Axis with Simultaneous Subspindle
  • Can Run Barstock from 5mm to 43mm
  • Non-Guide Bush - HYBRID Swiss
  • Hydraulic Main and Sub Spindle Clamping
  • 42mm without Guide Bushing
  • Up to 40 Total Tool Stations
  • Up to 24 Live Tool Positions
  • Up to 10 Live on Main, 14 Live on Sub Spindle
  • Twin Temp. Controlled 10HP FANUC Integrated Spindles
  • FANUC Alpha Drives, Motors, Amplifiers and Spindles
  • High Precision Bearings and Ballscrews

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Swistek AS20T
Swistek AS20T

Swistek AS20T CNC Screw Machine - 7 Axis - 20mm Mini-Turn/Mill Non-Guide Bush Type Sliding Headstock Lathe

  • Non Guide-Bush Type Swiss
  • Easy to Program
  • 20mm Bar Capacity
  • 7 Controllable Axis
  • Simultaneous Subspindle
  • C-Axis Main and Subspindle
  • 4 Live Cross Tools
  • Part Catcher
  • Part Conveyor
  • Chip Conveyor with Chip Carts
  • Broken Cut-off Detection
  • 3 stage Tower Light

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Flow Mach 2 1313b
Flow Mach 2 1313b

Flow Mach 2 1313b - Outperforms the standard waterjet offerings in the industry and wins in VALUE

  • Core components include Flow's Paser abrasive cutting system, pump technology, and FlowMaster software
  • 3-sided easy access to your workpiece
  • Large diameter ball screw drive system
  • Unique autolube system
  • Rigid construction for structural integrity
  • Roll-around control
  • Multiple pump configurations
  • Heavy duty material support
  • Solid steel casting construction
  • World class Flow service

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EnvisionTEC Ultra 3SP
EnvisionTEC Ultra 3SP

EnvisionTEC Ultra 3SP -EnvisionTEC Ultra 3SP - High Definition 3D Printer

  • A single material is used for both build and support
  • Easily removable partially cured perforated supports
  • Very few moving parts make the system user serviceable
  • Office friendly plug-and-play operation with a built-in touch screen
  • Low part cost due to minimal material waste
  • Produce everything from concept models to functional parts
  • Layerless technology with no stair-stepping on inner and outer surfaces
  • Quiet operation

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ZEISS O-Inspect
ZEISS O-Inspect

ZEISS O-INSPECT 322 - Multisensor measuring machine

  • ZEISS VAST XXT contact scanning sensor: minimal probing forces, smallest tip diameters, many measured points by scanning for form inspections
  • ZEISS Discovery V12 lens: large, distortion-free visual field
  • Optional white light sensor allows the measurement of small and sensitive surfaces
  • ZEISS CALYPSO reference software: live image and results in one view, 3D CAD capability
  • Pallet system with interface for automatic temperature monitoring
  • Optional rotary table for 360° measurements

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