Optical Fabrication Tech Tips and solutions

Many factors play a role in achieving peak optical fabrication efficiency. Not only do you want to have the right machine for the job, but it is important to engage in best practices to ensure optimal manufacturing performance. Below are some technical tips and application solutions to help your company increase throughput and maximize return on investment.

Upgrade Your Horizontal Interferometer

Upgrade Your Horizontal Interferometer >>

If you measure spherical optics or aspheres with a Fizeau interferometer that is horizontally configured, you could be sacrificing precision, productivity, and safety. Maximize the performance of your laser interferometer by upgrading from a horizontal configuration to a vertical interferometer with the PRO Tower.

Overcome the Axicon Challenge

Overcome the Axicon Challenge >>

Don't turn away RFQ's for axicon jobs because of a lack of capability. OptiPro has the solutions necessary to manufacture axicons and other difficult geometric shapes. Read more >>

Manufacturing Made Easy for Spherical Optics

Manufacturing Made Easy for Spherical Optics >>

complete suite of solutions for spherical optics manufacturing and metrology: Grind and polish spherical optics with efficient setups and cycle times while conveniently taking precision measurements directly on the shop floor. Read more >>

Optimize Mfg of Spheres and Aspheres

Optimize Manufacturing of Spheres and Aspheres with the PRO 80 Series >>

Produce precision spheres and aspheres faster with the PRO 80 Series. Built with only the finest machine components and driven by OptiPro's intuitive software, the 
PRO 80 GTS, PRO 80P and PRO 80 UFF are ideal solutions for companies looking for efficient setups and cycle times with enhanced accuracy and stability. Read more >>

UltraCool-2000: The Ideal Coolant

UltraCool-2000: The Ideal Coolant for Precision Optics >>

OptiPro is now offering UltraCool-2000, a new coolant that has been designed to yield optimal performance of precision optics manufacturing equipment. The chemical properties of UltraCool-2000 help set it apart from other coolants available in the marketplace. Read more >>


CNC High Speed Polishing 

Polish Out the "Gray" Faster with CNC High Speed Polishing >>

Precision optics manufacturers still utilizing conventional polishing methods: Increase efficiency on the manufacturing floor with CNC high speed polishing and watch productivity soar. The advantages of CNC high speed polishing machines like the PRO 80P and ePX 200 are unquestionable and the results are instantly noticeable. Read more >>


Upgrade Fagor 8055 Communication

Upgrade Fagor 8055 Communication to USB or Ethernet >>

If your company has an older OptiPro machine model with the Fagor 8055 control, communication from the control to your computer system is only achievable via an RS-232 port. OptiPro has received several requests to switch from RS-232 to Ethernet because laptops are no longer supporting RS-232. Read more >>


A Better Way to Dress

A Better Way to Dress >>

Bonded diamond grinding wheels occasionally need to be trued and dressed. This may be a result of normal tool wear, or excessive grinding loads if not using optimal processing parameters (i.e. - tool speeds and feed rates). Read more >>

How Water Quality Affects Coolant

How Water Quality Affects Coolant Performance >>

Mineral deposits in your fluid delivery lines? Unsightly pungent residues in the sump? Decreased grinding fluid performance? Excessive corrosion? Maybe it's time your water was evaluated. Read more >>

The Importance of Coolants

The Importance of Coolants for Precision Optics Grinding >>

The coolant utilized for grinding glass, ceramics and other brittle materials plays a huge role in the effectiveness of the fabrication process. Read more >>