Asphere Manufacturing Solutions for Prototype to Volume Production

Asphere Manufacturing Solutions for Prototype to Volume Production

Maximize asphere production, and your bottom line, with an asphere manufacturing cell comprised of OptiPro’s CNC grinding and polishing solutions. User friendly software and high quality machine components allow you to experience efficient manufacturing of a wide range of precision aspheres, from mild surfaces to those with radical departure. CNC optical grinding machines perform efficient rough and fine grinding operations to prepare surfaces for polishing. UltraForm Finishing (UFF) machines make it possible to polish aspheres directly after the grinding stage. Once you have finished polishing with UFF, you can further enhance the precision by “smoothing” aspheres with UltraSmooth Finishing (USF).


Asphere Manufacturing Cell

CNC Optical Grinding

Rapid prototyping to high volume production of aspheres with efficiency and repeatability

  • Simple yet powerful G-Series Software minimizes setup time to grind aspheres
  • Rigid machine base ensures ultimate grinding precision and consistent part-to-part accuracy
  • Quick change high speed tool spindles enhance total throughput of aspheres

Available on the PRO 80 GTSPRO 160 GTSeSX 150eSX 300eSX 400 and SXL 500 machines

UltraForm Finishing

Patented sub-aperture polishing system for efficient production of precision aspheres

  • Easy-to-learn U Series software guides operator through the process of polishing aspheres
  • Quickly polish aspheres directly after grinding with high removal rates
  • Variety of precision belts and wheels are available to polish aspheres out of optical glasses, ceramics, crystals, and metals

Available on the PRO 80 UFF, PRO 160 UFF, UFF 300 and UFF 500 machines

UltraSmooth Finishing

Innovative mid-to-large aperture finishing process that minimizes mid-spatial frequencies

  • Versatile polishing tool that can conform to a wide range of aspheric surfaces
  • Minimizes mid-spatial frequencies to meet stringent slope specifications
  • USF’s compliant layer is available in a variety of durometers giving the operator freedom to configure the tool for different materials, including glasses, ceramics, and crystals

Available on the PRO 80PPRO 160P and ePX 200 machines as an added capability within P-Series software

Give your company a competitive edge in the asphere market by adding the capabilities of OptiPro’s CNC optical grinding, UFF and USF platforms to your manufacturing floor. With easy-to-use software, the latest manufacturing technology, and a support team dedicated to helping customers, you can take asphere production to new heights by partnering with OptiPro. Contact our team for more information and to request a quote.