High Speed Polisher with in-process tool truing

PRO 160P+

The PRO 160P+ is an enhanced version of the PRO 160P. In addition to having a vibration isolated granite core and unique modular concept, the PRO 160P+ features dual lower spindles (work spindle and truing spindle). This allows for in-process truing of the polishing tool to be programmed in OptiPro's user friendly P Series software, increasing overall manufacturing efficiency for spherical optics up to 160mm.

Top quality machine components and high performance software on the PRO 160P+ help companies achieve faster cycle times of high precision spherical optics:

  • Dual lower spindles: Truing spindle (lower left) and work spindle (lower right) allow for tool truing operation to be performed automatically after polishing cycle
  • Better polishing: Stiff granite machine base to provide vibration dampening
  • Faster set ups: Easy-to-learn, intuitive P Series software with four custom chainable process cycles
  • User-friendly interface: Built in help menus with on board graphic guidance
  • Versatility: In addition to spherical optics, capable of dome polishing
  • Extensive material processing: Polish a wide variety of optical materials to angstrom-level quality by utilizing different combinations of slurries and polyurethane pads
  • Exceptional ergonomics: Aide in streamlined operation
  • Energy efficient: Servos turn off automatically
  • Easy cleanup for fast slurry changeover: All stainless steel containment makes it easy to clean, saving time and money when switching from one job to another
  • Convenience and confidence: In-process polishing tool correction and truing can be programmed and performed in radius, sag and fringes directly on the polisher, saving time during job setup and ensuring desired polishing results
  • Tooling flexibility: Available with optional UltraSmooth Finishing (USF) capability for polishing aspheres

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