P Series High Speed Polishing Software

P Series High Speed Polishing Software is designed to make spherical polishing of precision optics faster and easier. The P Series interface uses graphics and simple input handles to guide the user through all aspects of lens polishing, from setup, to corrections, all the way through production.

P Series Home Screen

Home Screen

P Series Correction Screen

Correction Screen

P Series Process Screen

Process Screen

P Series Truing Screen

Truing Screen


Process Structure

All processes within a given polishing program are laid out in a “process tree” progression, with each process looking back at the previous operation. This process tree progression allows multiple processes within the same lens to be chained together and run in series. This feature enables an operator to maximize polishing efficiency for production or make complex tool paths for more difficult lens requirements.


The correction screens have easy to follow images for applying corrections that are tailored to opticians. Corrections can be made using all available metrology instruments in a traditional shop, including test plates, spherometers, profilometers, and interferometers.


The P Series will track corrections made to the program to help diagnose and correct process errors and minimize set up time.

Settings Page

A password protected settings page allows supervisors to control certain machine parameters to help prevent human error during production.

P Series High Speed Polishing Software is available on the PRO 80P, PRO 160P, PRO 160P+ and ePX 200 high speed polishing platforms.