Proven Success with Nakamura-Tome

Read success stories highlighting manufacturing companies that invest in Nakamura-Tome multitasking machines. Learn about the benefits that your company can experience, including faster cycle times and higher precision, even when it comes to complex parts or super hard materials.

Honor Med Maskiner-Nakamura Tome Testimonial

Turning Art into High Precision Parts

Since collaborating with Methods Machine Tools Inc. and implementing its Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers, Honor Med Maskiner Corp. (Elgin, IL) has run more efficient processes. With one of its turning centers, the company has been able to more than double component production by running lights out, even on the weekends, holding high tolerances in super hard material for a medical implant part.

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APN Inc.-Nakamura Tome Testimonial

Software Simplifies Turn-Mill Operations

APN Inc., while a 42-year-old company, is an ultra-modern machine shop located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. APN uses three Nakamura-Tome WT-150 multitasking machines to produce most of its high precision turned parts in batch sizes ranging from 20 parts to more than 1,000.

With large volumes of parts to produce, APN needed a solution to get the most out of its machines, rather than having them tied up doing part prove-outs. The company now uses CAMplete Solutions' TurnMill. This integrated software solution intelligently post processes, simulates and optimizes programs exclusively for Nakamura-Tome machines.

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Herker Industries-Nakamura Tome Testimonial

Multitasking Turning Center Enables Value-Added Service

Herker Industries (Menomomee Falls, Wis.) offers a high level of value-added service to its customers by providing sub-assembled or fully assembled parts. To follow through with the company's value-add promise, however, it must keep up with its competition by ensuring that its machines are updated with the latest technology.

One of its eight most recent machinery purchases is the Nakamura-Tome Super NTM3 multitasking turning center from Methods Machine Tools, Inc. Since the purchase of this machine, this contract job shop has increased its ability to provide custom machined components.

Read the entire article from the June 2010 PRODUCTION MACHINING » (PDF - 2.27MB)

Herker Industries-Nakamura Tome Testimonial

TURN on the automation, TURN off the lights

Civacon Knappco, Kansas City, Missouri, has installed a Nakamura-Tome Super NTX CNC turning center with a Fanuc robotic cell. The Nakamura Tome multi-tasking machining center features dual spindles and 3-tool groups totaling 124 tools consisting of quick change and live tooling. The Fanuc 16iB robotic cell features an enclosed cell with a 24-pallet conveyor system for loading, unloading and inspection. A tool presetting station completes the setup.

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