UltraCool-2000 The Ideal Coolant for Precision Optics

OptiPro Systems is now offering UltraCool-2000, a new coolant that has been designed to yield optimal performance of precision optics manufacturing equipment. The chemical properties of UltraCool-2000 help set it apart from other coolants available in the marketplace. A head-to-head comparison and evaluation of the four leading precision optical coolants shows how UltraCool-2000 stacked up against the competition in terms of Ph, % Active Solids, Initial Foam Height, and Foam Collapse Time:

Coolant UltraCool-2000 Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Ph 9.6 9.6 10.14 10.12
% Active Solids 34.2 50.6 54.2 23.6
Initial Foam Heigh 8.5″ 8.25″ 13.12″ 11.5″
Foam Collapse Time 1.95 sec. 3.9 sec. 30 sec. 16.5 sec.

Note: Foam cell testing was done at 30/1 dilution, Run time 1 min.

Of the 4 coolants involved in the experiment, 2 were oil-based and 2 were fully synthetic. With today’s highly restrictive waste disposal regulations, disposing of both “Competitor 1” and “Competitor 2” could be highly problematic if they were to be put down the sanitary sewer. Both materials could carry significant sewer surcharges for exceeding federal hexane extractable limit for oils and greases. Materials like “Competitor 2” are susceptible to freeze damage and separation which can severely damage their performance.

UltraCool-2000 had the lowest foam levels of all test coolants and showed by far the fastest foam kill time (about 48% faster). There was no distinctive odor and showed less than half the potential to mist as compared with all other test coolants. UltraCool-2000 also released entrained micro-foam more than 37% faster than any other material, meaning max flow to the grinding head was much higher. In addition, UltraCool-2000 showed significantly higher levels of surface finish with much lower energy at the grinding interface.

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UltraCool-2000, available in 5 gallon buckets as well as 55 gallon drums, is priced lower than the competition – so you can maximize grinding efficiency and increase profitability. For more information on the advantages of UltraCool-2000 and to request a quote, contact OptiPro calling 585.265.0160 or sending emails to sales@optipro.com.