Special Financing Offer for 2020

2020 Special Financing OfferOptiPro and Manufacturers Financing Services (MFS) have teamed up to provide a special offer to companies looking to invest in manufacturing or metrology equipment in 2020.

Utilize added capabilities or capacity for 6 months with minimal cost! In addition, if your machine is installed before 12/31/2020, you can also take advantage of tax savings with Section 179. See below for more details on these exciting opportunities…





Financing your new machine through MFS

No Payments for
3 Months

from date of machine shipment

3 Monthly

at .5 or 1% of the loan amount

Up to 78
Equal Payments

after the 3 month deferral and .5% payments

Payment Plan Breakdown

Below is an example of the step up payment plan for a 60 month loan or capital lease on an equipment price of $250,000:

Machine Shipment Date: 12/16/2020

Down Payment: $0

Monthly Payment #1 (1/16/2021): $0

Monthly Payment #2 (2/16/2021): $0

Monthly Payment #3 (3/16/2021): $2,500

Monthly Payment #4 (4/16/2021): $2,500

Monthly Payment #5 (5/16/2021): $2,500

Monthly Payment #6 to #60 (beginning 6/16/2021): $5,000

Terms subject to credit approval and other payment plans available.

With this special financing offer, your first full payment won’t be due until 2021 when your machine ships in December 2020.


Section 179 Tax Deduction for 2020

Potential Tax Savings

The Section 179 tax deduction allows companies to write off up to $1,040,000 of equipment if total acquisitions are less than $2,590,000. Equipment which is new to a company (for example, buying a new or used machine), can be expensed under Section 179.

Here’s an example showing the incentive of the Section 179 tax deduction:

Estimated Machine Price (EMP)
Section 179 Deduction
Balance to Depreciate (EMP – Section 179 Deduction)

Total First Year Deduction (Section 179)

Assumed Customer Bracket


Estimated # of machine payments covered by savings (on a 5-year lease/loan)






Investing in OptiPro technology in 2020 can help your company get ahead of the competition in 2021 and beyond.

Contact OptiPro’s sales team for more information on this special financing opportunity or the Section 179 tax deduction.