OptiPro Offering Remote Assistance and Training

Remote Assistance with AR Glasses

Vuzix AR smart glasses connected to Zoom meeting hosted by OptiPro

At OptiPro, we are constantly striving to improve service, training, and process support to our customers, while also focusing on reducing costs.

We are excited to announce that we will now be able to provide remote assistance through the use of Vuzix Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses.

This technology will give OptiPro the ability to help you, our customers, with specific service and process support requests without the need to travel to your facility for an onsite visit.

Applications for remote assistance include:

  • Installing new machines
  • Assisting with job setups and process support for optics and ceramics manufacturing
  • Assisting with job setups and process support for machine tools
  • Service and maintenance for OptiPro grinding, polishing and metrology machines as well as machine tools
Zoom Meeting Screenshot

Screenshot of Zoom meeting: OptiPro can give instruction to customer by seeing exactly what the customer sees

OptiPro will also be able to provide virtual training to customers for specific machining tasks. If you are an operator who needs additional training on an OptiPro machine or a machine tool we represent, our team can help remotely if the topic is suitable.

Customers interested in remote assistance will be provided Vuzix AR Smart Glasses to wear when receiving service, process support or training. Using a Zoom meeting room, OptiPro will see exactly what the customer is seeing and offer instructions that the wearer will see in their glasses in real time.




Experience the benefits of remote assistance technology:

Save Time

Schedule an appointment sooner by eliminating travel

Save Money

No paying for travel costs that are associated with an onsite visit

Clear and Precise

Easy-to-follow instructions to ensure customer satisfaction

Get up to speed quickly with remote assistance for training, service, and process support. Contact OptiPro today for pricing information and to see if this service is right for your company.