Rapid Prototyping with OptiPro e Series Grinding Platforms

Fixturing Tech Tip

An example of glass and granite fixtures being utilized for a freeform optic project. This workholding technique can also be applied to spheres and aspheres.

Generate special fixtures on OptiPro grinding machines for time-sensitive projects

If you have an urgent job that involves manufacturing spheres, aspheres or freeforms but lead time to produce a stainless steel chuck in your machine shop is days or weeks, you don’t need to wait if you have an OptiPro e Series grinder. The flexibility of the e Series allows you to generate the fixture you need on the same platform you would perform optical grinding.

Whether your project requires grinding, polishing or both, you can manufacture a fixture out of glass or granite material that you already have in stock for rapid prototyping. Glass or granite fixtures are just as effective in holding your workpiece when properly adhered.

Get the most out of your next investment in an optical grinding machine. The flexibility and precision of the e Series can help your company maximize efficiency and get jobs out the door faster.

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