SPIE Optifab Recap: OptiPro Showcases Machines and Software for Aspheres and Freeforms

OptiPro's Booth at SPIE Optifab

It was a successful week at SPIE Optifab! OptiPro’s booth featured seven machines running live demos of spherical optics grinding and polishing, 5-axis grinding, asphere polishing, and freeform optics polishing and metrology. In addition, three interactive touchscreen kiosks were available for attendees to test out OptiPro’s different software solutions that drive each optical manufacturing platform.

The latest technology for manufacturing rotationally symmetric and freeforms optics

OptiPro at SPIE Optifab

Solutions for freeform optics manufacturing were the main attraction at OptiPro’s booth. Advancements in 5-axis machining with Rotating Tool Center Point (RTCP) was demonstrated on the OptiSonic 550X. A small endmill engraved OptiPro’s logo on one side of a glass globe as well as artwork commemorating our 40th year on the opposite side of the globe. OptiPro’s 40th year is coming up in 2022.

Freeform optics polishing of an ellipsoid was demonstrated in the UFF 300. By utilizing PROSurf to generate the toolpath, the process of graying out and performing correction runs on freeforms is much more efficient and precise than alternative CAM solutions. The same freeform part was also measured on the UltraSurf 5X 400, a 5-axis non-contact metrology systems that is ideal for measuring complex optical components.

In addition, OptiPro demonstrated freeform optics metrology on the NanoCam™ HD dynamic profiler. This solution from 4D Technology measures surface roughness on small to meter-scale coated and uncoated optics, as well as precision metals, plastics, and other polished specular surfaces.

Attendees interested in spherical optics production were able to see the PRO 160 GTS run rough and fine grind cycles on small spherical optics. High speed spherical polishing of a meniscus lens was running on the PRO 160P+. Utilizing these two machines allows optical manufacturing to produce spherical parts in high volumes.

Asphere polishing with UltraForm Finishing was demonstrated on the PRO 80 UFF. This process allows companies to polish ground aspheres with high removal rates to achieve faster cycle times.

Three interactive touchscreen kiosks were also available for visitors to demonstrate OptiPro’s different software solutions and experience how easy it is to setup and run optical manufacturing jobs:

  • G Series lens grinding software
  • P Series high speed polishing software
  • U Series deterministic polishing software
  • C Series optical centering software
  • PROSurf freeform CAM software
  • UltraSurf software
  • Polishing tool configurator

If you missed Optifab, check out this video that walks you through our booth:

Five technical presentations focused on freeform optics and automation

Frank Wolfs at Optifab ConferenceDuring the Optifab Conference, OptiPro shared their latest advancements in grinding, polishing and measuring freeform optics. Frank Wolfs gave two technical presentations: “Challenges and Best Practices of Manufacturing Freeform Optics” and “Freeform Manufacturing with PROSurf“. Scott DeFisher presented on the topic “Freeform Non-Contact Surface Metrology with UltraSurf“. In addition, Mike Cahill shared a presentation on “Ultrasonic with Rotating Tool Center Point and Kinematics“.

OptiPro also presented on automated optical manufacturing solutions to overcome the current issue of labor shortages facing the precision optics industry. Mitch Sedore gave a technical talk titled “Applications of Automation in Optical Manufacturing Process Chain: Grinding, Polishing, and Metrology” which highlighted OptiPro’s PRO-loader, an off-the-shelf automation solution, as well as custom automation solutions.




We want to thank everyone who was able to stop by OptiPro’s booth at SPIE Optifab!

Relive your visit to OptiPro’s booth by checking out photos from the event below:

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If you are in the market for a solution that can take your optics or ceramics manufacturing to the next level, we encourage you to reach out to us. Whether you are looking enhance production of planos, spheres, aspheres, or freeform optics, OptiPro has the perfect machine for your application.

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