Onboard Probing for Aspheric Optics Grinding

As an aspheric lens manufacturer, you are always looking for methods that will increase production speed without sacrificing quality. At OptiPro, we are always adding features and capabilities to our machines that enable our customers to make precision optics faster, easier, and smarter.

Generate aspheric surfaces with utmost efficiency and confidence by utilizing onboard probing. This feature allows operators to grind an asphere, measure the surface profile with a built-in part probe, and make corrections until the desired surface specification is achieved – all without ever removing the optic from the machine. With powerful analysis software embedded into G Series lens grinding software, the operator can also perform standard fitting and data filtering routines that would be used by an offline contact profilometer.

In situ measurement of asphere with onboard part probe. G Series software screen showing metrology data after probing sequence.

Benefits of Onboard Asphere Probing

  • Efficient processing – in-process corrections to the aspheric surface directly after measuring the surface profile with onboard part probe
  • Low risk – Optic stays in the machine, reducing set up time and eliminating risk of damage from part handling.
  • Reliable results – Corrections are automatically made based on measurement data after asphere probing, eliminating the potential of human error from entering offline measurement data

This capability is available on the PRO 160 GTS or any eSX optical grinder with version of G Series or newer. If you currently own an OptiPro machine without onboard asphere probing, contact OptiPro to see if your machine is compatible for this upgrade. If you are looking for a new machine to enhance asphere manufacturing, request more information or get a quote today.