Customer Spotlight: JML Optical Industries

JML Optical Industries and the ePX 200 High Speed PolisherJML Optical Industries, LLC, located in Rochester, NY, specializes in designing and manufacturing precision optics for a wide range of global imaging applications. JML develops and delivers custom optical design and manufacturing solutions for OEM customers including defense, medical diagnostic, life science research, metrology, and biometric applications.

The company invested in two OptiPro machines: the eSX 150 CNC optical grinding machine and the ePX 200 CNC high speed spherical polisher. The purchase is a result of the company’s recent growth as well as a need to expand their capabilities and increase capacity.

By purchasing the eSX 150 and ePX 200, JML Optical is polishing larger diameter spherical optics, greatly reducing cycle times and significantly improving the surface finish of optical components. Bob Bicksler, JML Optical CEO, noted that “All of these benefits have a direct impact on return on investment and customer satisfaction. The addition of OptiPro’s equipment to our manufacturing line-up enhances our capacity and capabilities. I’m excited about the opportunities this equipment gives JML to better serve our customers and to extend our reach to new customers and opportunities.

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